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8 Signs You are a Good Match for Real Estate

The fast paced, exciting world of real estate is attractive to many. Interest in becoming a real estate agent is now at an all time high. With all the popular shows and movies out there about the industry, can you blame people for wanting a slice of it? Unfortunately, being a real estate agent is not easy. If it was, none of these shows would exist because everyone would be making the big bucks. The truth is, it takes special kind of people to stick with the real estate industry, and here are some signs that you are a match!


Anyone in an interview will say that they are a people person, but we all know that is not true. Perhaps we will put up with people long enough to get whatever business, done, but being a true people person is a rare find. It is also a key quality that makes a great real estate agent. I am not talking about the ability to fake a smile for a few hours, or tolerate a conversation. I am talking about truly enjoying working and forming relationships with people. Real estate is not a typical customer service job, where they are out in the matter or minutes or hours. These people are clients that will cling to you like needy children for months on end while trying to find and close on a home (or can be even longer if they are relying on you to sell it). If this kind of interaction is your thing, you might make a good match!


Real estate is definitely more than showing pretty homes and convincing clients how great a backyard would be for a party. There is a lot of data and numbers to learn as well. It is not required to be savvy in this field, however, clients will appreciate your thorough knowledge of all the statistics and information about the homes in your area. If you can easily throw out all the facts, you will build more solid trust. And of course, this comes a lot easier if you actually like working with data! Real estate is not as data heavy as lets say, accounting and finance, but might be the perfect place for those liberal arts majors who actually enjoyed their 2 required math courses.


Some people (like me), enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere, with clear expectations and low stress. Then there are other people who thrive on challenges and are motivated by stress and risk. If you fall into the latter category, real estate might be a match. As a real estate agent, you are constantly on the run to find leads, and convert them. Even after converting a lead, you might have to fight to keep it. You have to constantly be on your toes and bringing your A game. Especially because real estate agents do not get any kind of normal salary, the feeling of challenge and risk increases with every business transaction you make.


If you know off the bat that you can sacrifice some time in the evenings and on weekends, then you can check another box off! Maybe too obvious to actually include on this list, but to be a real estate agent, you must be open to working weird schedules. Your clients are likely working professionals just like you and prefer to tour homes or meet with you outside of their normal working day. And this could also change from client to client, so must be ready to make changes and be flexible.

realtyna websiteSIGN 5: NATURAL SALES PERSON

The second most important quality a real estate agent should have (after being a true people person), is to be natural at sales. This quality can certainly be taught and perfected with practice, but a being a naturally good sales person can propel you through the ranks faster. And remember, you will not only being selling properties, but also yourself! Being able to easily pitch yourself and/or properties with confidence is a clear sign that you are good for the job.


Again, this is one of those signs or qualities that can be learned or passed on to someone, however, if marketing is up your alley, you create an even more solid match. You will spend a lot of time and money marketing. From building your brand, creating advertisements, and pushing those open houses, it will be loads easier on yourself if you actually like and are good at this kind of thing.


So natural marketing skills are not required, but the ability to manage yourself is non-negotiable. In most cases, real estate agents are their own boss. You are in charge of your schedule, the effort you put in, the money you spend as well as the paycheck you earn. If you can manage yourself and trust that you will stay efficient with your time and finances, you will be great as a real estate agent. The freedom involved is definitely one of the upsides of the job, but like Uncle Ben says, with great power comes great responsibility.


Last but not least, a sign you are good for a career in real estate is that you are interested in it! It does not get any easier than that. If you enjoy looking at properties, watching all the shows and learning all the lingo, then go for it. It is better for someone who only checks off 2 or 3 of these signs and is passionate about the industry to be an agent, than someone who checks all 7 but is bored by it.

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