Why Facebook Dynamic ADS? Real Estate Listings

Why Facebook Dynamic Ads? Retargeting Real Estate Listings

Let’s admit it, new technologies set the trend in the market and the real estate industry is not an exception. Gone are the days, when real estate agents used faxes to connect with their clients, or going door to door to attract new people and get new leads. With the rise of social media, the significance of networks like Facebook, Instagram can’t be ignored, especially when we are talking about marketing strategies. So, what does it mean to real estate agents exactly? It means that it’s time to invest in making your marketing efforts compatible with the new technologies and social media. To put it simply, the social network is your go-to for reaching the maximum amount of customers.

The Dawn of Social Media

Smartphones and tablets are becoming like a third hand to us. We Millennials, can’t spend a minute or two without checking our Instagram or Facebook feed. Many companies use it as an advantage and advertise their content through ads. The same technique can be applied to the real estate industry. Real estate agents nowadays can use Facebook as a real estate listing engine. Here are some tips:

Promoting Listings on Your Personal Page

First and probably the most obvious way is to advertise your listing on your Facebook page. It’s especially useful and simple if you’re a newbie in the real estate business. It will help you to get a taste of advertising through social media. But always remember, do not advertise your listing more than two times a week. Let’s be subtle and not shove your listings in your followers’ faces twice a day. It can get pretty annoying and you might lose leads.

Creating Facebook Ads With a Landing Page

It’s always important to not only promote your content but to give the right information to your potential leads to contact you. Here is when Facebook ads with landing pages come in hand. With this specific ad, you can not only promote your listing but also invite your leads to contact you for further information. Although it’s low cost and short term, it has its benefits.

Realtyna's Facebook Add-on

Create a Business Profile

Creating a business profile is a good way to advertise your content and boost the popularity of your company. Note to remember: Keep your post interesting and interactive. Don’t post only the advertising of listings. It will look cheap and unattractive.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Thinking about launching a whole long term marketing campaign? Facebook Dynamic Ads is a great way to do it. Although it’s not cheap, it is long term and has better results in terms of marketing. Facebook Dynamic ads allow you to control all the information about your website. It connects to your website and you decide what type of information & listings the audience can see.

What Are The Benefits and Downside Of Facebook Dynamic Ads?

It’s Fast

Facebooks Ads are easy to set up. You can easily create them by yourself, especially with the help of automatic IDX to Facebook catalogues

Huge Potential Audience

Yes, Facebook has a wide potential audience. You can target different parts of the population: millennials, divorced, newlyweds, etc. and see what works for you.

It’s Not Free

Facebook ads are not free. The more you’re creating and more time you want to run them the more it will cost you.

It’s A Temporary Solution.

As marketers state, Facebook ads are a short term solution. For a more long-term solution, check out this article  Organic MLS Integration: Generate More Long-Term Leads and Improve Your SEO.


Facebook is pretty popular among marketers. So, it can be tough to generate more leads if every real estate company uses it. So think about it carefully.

P.S Still have a question? Here are some useful links  How to Write a Strong Call to Action and Convert More Real Estate Leads from Facebook.


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