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What is a RETS feed?

Very simply, a RETS feed is the most powerful, most flexible way to import property listings to your website.

It’s based on the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS).

This standard, created by the National Association of REALTORS®, is the ‘common language’ of the real estate industry. It standardizes the content and structure of property listings, allowing real estate professionals to more easily transfer real estate data among themselves.

Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration is 100% RETS.

On our platform, your RETS feed will be:

– A personal feed from your MLS to your website (the data will reside on your own hosting environment rather than a third-party server.)
– Customizable to your needs (if you need properties only in a certain area, we’ll filter everything else out)
– Fast (new properties download as often as every 15 minutes)

Want to see what your site might look like with a Realtyna Organic MLS Integration RETS Feed? Check out our demo: wpl28.realtyna.com

These designs are flexible and can be personalized to your needs.

Or can read about how we combine RETS and WordPress into the Web’s most lovable real estate platform: https://realtyna.com/wordpress-rets/

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