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How to Update Plugins on a WordPress IDX Website

To update plugins on a WordPress IDX website, you should navigate to your dashboard, select the plugins that have new versions available, and apply a bulk update. But first you should read about the updates and backup your site.

Updating plugins is a common web maintenance practice for a WordPress IDX website. Downloading the latest plugin versions can keep your site operating smoothly and help keep it secure. But it can also cause issues if an update conflicts with another plugin you are running. So it’s important to be diligent, learn what the updates do, and maintain regular site backups.

How to Update Plugins on a WordPress IDX Website

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Updates
  2. Select Check Again
  3. Read View version details
  4. Backup site
  5. Select plugins with updates available
  6. Apply bulk update



RETS FeedNavigate to Dashboard > Updates

Log into your WordPress account, and navigate to the updates panel. WordPress automatically checks for updates, so you may have some already available.

WPL UpdateSelect Check Again

If you have not updated your plugins in a while, it may be good to click Check Again. This will manually check for updates to make sure you have the newest versions in your queue.

WPL UpdateRead View version details

Click View version details to find developer notes about the updates. This will help you understand the changes the new plugin will make and help you avoid conflicts with other plugins.

WPL UpdateBackup site

It’s good practice to backup your site before making any changes. You can do this by logging into cPanel and navigating to Files > Backup. For more, see our blog How to Backup Your WordPress IDX Website.

WPL UpdateSelect plugins with updates available

When you are ready to run the updates, select the plugins on your update page.

WPL UpdateApply bulk update

Then click Update Plugins and the update will run.

WPL UpdateIf the update causes a bug on your site, you can undo the updates by restoring the backup or deactivating and installing the rollback version.

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