LinkedIn SEO for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn SEO for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn is a platform that many real estate agents are using nowadays. But are you using it correctly? More importantly, are you harnessing the features and possibilities of LinkedIn? From the day LinkedIn was launched, it served its followers as a platform where they could establish valuable connections. Often, it was used as a glorified resume and nothing more.

But many of us forget that LinkedIn is as much of a social platform as Instagram and Facebook. While the LinkedIn algorithm might play by a set of different rules, that doesn’t mean we should ignore such a huge platform.

We all know that buyers and sellers search agents online before making an important decision on who should represent them. 

We already know that Google ranks your real estate website based on how optimized it is, how well designed the on-page and off-page SEO is. But what many of us don’t know is that social media channels are also search engine platforms that can rank our social media as well. In order to be first in the search results, it’s important to have an optimized social media account.

In this article we will take you through the process of optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Let’s get started.

Optimizing Your URL

Just like other content, your LinkedIn profile needs to have an optimized URL. What does that mean? It means if you have an option to claim a URL with your name in it, you should do it. Adding relevant keywords like real estate agent or broker will help you to differentiate yourself from other accounts with your name and help you to rise above your competitors. So let’s say your name is John Smith and you’re a real estate agent. Your Linkedin profile URL will look like this

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Using Keywords

We already mentioned the importance of using relevant keywords. LinkedIn SEO is not that different from our usual perception of real estate SEO. Using keywords signals LinkedIn what your account is all about. Your Linkedin profile is somewhat similar to website landing pages. Therefore, it’s important to not only add keywords in your profile link, but also to use them in your profile copy.

Profile copy consists of many parts. We will mention the most important ones.

    • Headline– The headline is a section where you indicate who you are and what your working experience is. The headline is more about precision rather than creativity. So be clear about who you are and use relevant keywords. For example: John Smith- Real Estate Agent/REALTOR, Real Estate Marketing Expert. You can even indicate the link to your website. Although we mentioned that the headline is mostly about precision, a little bit of creativity won’t hurt. LinkedIn gives you about 120 characters for the headline section, so if you have some space left, let’s not waste it. You can add a small promotional sentence about your services, indicating how you help real estate sellers and buyers find the best property for them.


  • Summary- To understand what the summary is all about, just remember the about us section that we’ve all seen in other websites. You probably have one too. It’s one of the largest sections on LinkedIn where you can add even more information about yourself. Remember to first think about what your clients might be looking for in a real estate agent and try to write a summary considering these factors. Optimize your summary by adding how your clients can contact you. You can add a contact form or link to your website’s contact information.


    • Experience– This is a section that most of us use as a simple resume. We simply list our work experience, forgetting that that’s not what our clients want to read. How your clients might benefit from your experience? What are the highlights of your working experience? These are the questions you should be asking yourself.


  • Skills- Profiles that have skills indicated are most likely to be found.
  • Education, Licences and Certifications, Accomplishments- All these sections indicate how qualified you are as a real estate professional.
  • Profile Photo- There are a lot of opinions about profile images. Some say that a profile image should consist of a professional headshot. Some say that it should be casual. Whatever the case—casual or professional photo—it’s important for it to be good quality.
  • Endorsements- Endorsements are a way of showcasing that your skills are valued by others, that they vouch for you. It’s important to get many endorsements and endorse others as well. Endorse and be endorsed.


LinkedIn Keywords

So, how can you find the right keywords for your LinkedIn profile. As many of us already know, there are many ways to find relevant keywords with the help of Google. One of these ways is exploring the search bar. Since LinkedIn is not only a social media platform but a search engine as well, the same approach applies to it as well. We suggest checking out the search bar function on LinkedIn. You can use filters to broaden your search.

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