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Introverts Vs Extraverts-Real Estate Agent Edition

Anyone who is interested in the real estate industry can be a real estate agent. Simply put, you can have a degree in international relations, sociology or in any other science, but if you are interested in this industry, no matter what, you can become successful. Real estate agents, if we take them as a whole, are very different people with the same goals. Their main goal is to become professional real estate agents. 

There is a huge list of tasks that real estate agents handle every day. These tasks hardly differ from person to person. They include marketing, negotiations, meeting with clients, making calls and more. For some, it may seem very difficult to do, but this is definitely worth it. 

Today, we are going to speak about two types of people found in real estate. Introversion and extraversion are very different concepts, so we should analyze which of them fits real estate agents the most. 

Let’s jump into it.

Brief Overview of Concepts

While speaking about introverted and extraverted real estate agents, the first step should be the overview of the concepts itself. It will definitely help us to analyze what characteristics an introverted or extraverted real estate agent can have. So, let us start with analyzing the concepts itself. 


These types of people are thoughtful individuals. They may be difficult people to communicate with or to have fun with. They don’t seek to have any attention because if the attention is simply on them, they may simply feel exhausted or drained. One more thing that introverted people can be described as is that they don’t prefer social gatherings, and they may spend their free time at cozy homes. 


This concept is the opposite of introvert. These humans enjoy human communication. They love acquiring attention from others, and they are open to almost everyone they meet. Simply put, from this perspective, we might conclude that extraverts generally keep more friends than introverts. 

The biggest plus being in the real estate industry is that no matter who you are, if you have the will to be successful, that means everything. Stereotyping people as introverts and extraverts doesn’t apply to real estate agents at all, because both of these types of people can be successful. 

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Suggestion From the Author

Stereotyping people is not the best option in any industry, especially when it comes to the real estate industry, where anyone who wants to be a part of it can be successful. Sometimes, we want to find the best job that fits our personality the best. And I know, sometimes you just “Google” whether your personality can be successful in this industry. There are many suggestions, blogs, videos, and posts about introverts and extraverts in the case of real estate agents. Some of these suggest that introverts are the worst option in the case of this industry, or that they are the best option. 

These are false suggestions! 

No matter who you are, you can always be successful as the real estate agent. Introverts and extraverts can both be equally successful, especially in the real estate industry. Don’t let society decide your future career just because you are either extrovert or introvert. Want to be a successful real estate agent? Just start your career right now and you will see that you can be successful in this industry. 

Last Few Words

This was the brief introduction to two types of real estate agents in the industry. Want to know more about real estate agents? Check out our blog about a day in the life of a real estate agent

Please let us know if you are extrovert or introvert and how it helps you in this industry in the comment section below.

We are waiting for your ideas and suggestions.

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