How To Create a Rockin’ Agent Bio For Your Real Estate Website and Social Media

More and more real estate activity is happening online.

There’s no doubt about it.

This has placed new emphasis on the agent bio.

In many cases, the agent bio is your clients’ first interaction with you.

It’s a place to tell your story and promote your brand.

It’s also a place to make a great first impression.

Here are 9 tips to create a rockin’ agent bio for your real estate website and social media.


Do you want leads to remember your profile? Good, keep it short.

Five sentences should do the trick.

I promise you’ll be able to say everything you need to say.

Five sentences is an inviting length for readers, and it will force you to focus on your key selling points.


A bio is not a resume. You should shy away from facts and figures.

Instead, focus on yourself. Tell us who you are and what you like.

If your father, grandfather, and great grandfather sold real estate, tell us.

If you have a spicy chili pepper garden, tell us.

If you are generally a nice person who happens to love selling real estate, tell us.

That’s a great bio!


Smart phone cameras are getting good.

But don’t settle for that.

Get a professional head shot.

The fact that you are paying someone to take your picture will change your attitude and expressions.

And this will shine through in your photo.

Trust me on this. It will make a difference.


Your bio is an abbreviated version of your life story.

So it’s good to think of it as a narrative.

Use the first sentence to state your current position: what is your name and what do you do?

From there tell your story. What about your life led you to where you are today?

Did you happen to come upon real estate and learn to love it?

Are personal relationships and human interaction common threads in your professional life?

Do past experiences inform your approach today?

Real estate is a data intensive field. We dwell in valuations, prices, percentage change, square footage, etc.

But your bio is a place where narrative is expected and encouraged.

Take advantage of it.


What do you want people to remember about you?

Boil this down into a few keywords and sprinkle them strategically in your bio.

The word “charisma,” for example, can really pop in a paragraph.

Find some similar descriptions about you. And place them centrally in your bio where people are likely to skim.


A well-crafted bio is great. It will go a long way toward building relationships with your leads.

But it is only your voice.

To build credibility you should get others to confirm what you say.

Testimonials are a great way to do this. After closing on a house, get your clients to write you a testimonial.

It’s a common request and most are willing to do it.

Then post it on your bio page.

Now, it’s not just you saying how great you are. It’s an entire community.

Luke’s Tip #1:

You want your testimonials to be dynamic. You should receive new ones regularly to show that you are consistent. One way to accomplish this is to allow clients to write reviews directly on your website.

Check out our Review & Rating Add-on here:


If you have awards, post them here.

Simple. Done.

Just like testimonials, they will show that others appreciate your work.


Video is a great way to bring your bio page to life.

And it’s easy to do.

Simply have a friend interview you on camera.

Then select your favorite comments. Splice them together. Add some footage of you on the job if you want.

Throw in some music, and you are done.

In less than a day, you can put together a video that you can show for years.


Make your strongest case, yes.

Use narrative, yes.

But it’s important to stay honest. Even with all the technological advances, real estate remains a relationship-based business.

If you are inauthentic online, people are going to notice when they meet you in person.

So stay honest.

For more tips on improving your real estate website, check out our blog post here:

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