How to Generate Organic Leads with Twitter in 2020

How to Generate Organic Leads with Twitter in 2020

Real estate agents work directly with the public, and they need to be visible so they can get referrals and generate leads. In this time and age, social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, provide an excellent opportunity.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter was launched in July 2006 and by 2012, it was half a billion posts per day strong. The popularity of Twitter is unquestionably accredited to the power of text (the tweet) and sharing texts (the retweet). 

The real estate business has also benefited from Twitter in so many ways. Agents managed to promote their brands and explore their marketing options on Twitter. The fact that almost everyone is on Twitter makes it a very potential platform to do business on. 

How Does Twitter Help Realtors?

Twitter, as a social media platform, provides a handful of opportunities for real estate professionals. Here are a few examples:

  • Consistent Tweeting

The key to a successful social media campaign is consistency and persistence. Those who randomly tweet something about a random subject will not attract a quality or considerable audience pool. If you maintain a calendar of posts and tweets about your business and service in addition to important events of the day, you will enjoy a good return of leads as a result. 

  • Engagement 

Another way to generate leads is to engage with people on Twitter. You can answer their question or provide free consultation on their real estate or related matters. Often, people post a question or something they desperately need. 

If you are helping me find a good plumber in the neighborhood or the best place to buy some tools for renovating my garage, you will be the first agent I contact if I need help with buying or selling a property. 

  • Using Twitter Data

The fact that Twitter hosts billions of people on its platform helps it have access to some very useful demographic data. As we all know, demographic information is very valuable for realtors. To find out more about how demographic information can help you, please visit Demographic Information Add-on.

Twitter has a very strong search engine, and you can search for potential leads and use very good hashtags for real estate for more visibility and better targeting. You can use these features to promote listings and related services.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website

In the long run, driving traffic is the most important reason you should use Twitter. Your website will enjoy SEO benefits as a result of your activity on Twitter and the referrals that come with it.

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And here are a few things you should avoid when doing business on Twitter:

  • Don’t overshare listings and promotions. Maintain a natural balance among content.
  • Don’t overwhelm your posts with so many hashtags. It is neither aesthetic nor professional. 
  • Don’t tweet constantly. Twitter has the opportunity for you to post more conveniently than other social media but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it. 
  • Post original content and tweets. Avoid being generic. Make sure people understand you are putting time for this and this is not simply a way to promote yourself. 


What Is Next?

Twitter is a great source of traffic for your real estate website. To attract leads more effectively, you try ad services on other platforms such as Facebook  and Instagram. For step by step guides on Facebook and Instagram ads, please check out the following articles:

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