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How Do I Get More Listings Without Door Knocking?

The traditional method of door knocking is not working any more. Simply, it is not safe. With the spread of the coronavirus, real estate professionals should be careful and take responsibility for themselves and others. This is why traditional door knocking is no longer effective or even favorable. You may ask, what can be the alternative? Let me introduce you to some different ways other than door knocking for getting more leads.

First of all, you will need to create a website in order to raise your value and popularity and accordingly get more leads. How can you imagine being without your own website in this huge and competitive industry in a period when everything has moved online? This is why you should read this article: How to Create Real Estate Websites?

But is it enough to only create a website? Will it substitute for door knocking?

The answer is no, but let me show you the ways.


CRM Is One of the Ways That Can Change Door Knocking.

Customer relationship management software is the one tool that you definitely need for your real estate website. This can help you capture leads and collect all the needed information about them. Monitor their activities and create various forms for managing contacts and requests. 

CRM can convert your website visitors into leads, automatically assign the leads to agents and with the help of special tools, record the needs of the clients. After that, it can record it as a task and remind you later by email. For more information visit: Real Estate CRM – Everything You Need For your Real Estate Website

How Can Organic MLS Integration Generate Leads?

Organic MLS integration, unique to Realtyna, is optimized for real estate listings and the integration process. This is why it runs perfectly and keeps users longer. This increases the chance of new leads. Moreover, organic MLS integration uses RETS technology which connects directly to the MLS to transfer data and updates as often as every 15 minutes. This means that you won’t miss leads because of inaccurate listing data. By the way, Organic MLS Integration from Realtyna includes 1 year of free support and it’s also unique that all this data is hosted on your own servers. This gives you all the SEO value for the thousands of unique pages on your website. This technology gives you an enormous advantage over your competitors when it comes to appearing on search results. See this article for more information: Organic MLS Integration and its Benefits: Guide 101 

Last Several Words

As you see, there are many alternatives to traditional door knocking in the real estate market. Real estate websites, CRM and organic MLS integration are some of those ways but there are many more. If you want to learn more about the technologies you should use to generate more leads, see the article: 7 Real Estate Technologies You Should be Using to Generate Leads

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