Why Personal Branding is Integral for Real Estate Professionals

Why Personal Branding is Integral for Real Estate Professionals

The digital age made the mission of personal branding very easy. Not only the work, but the concept of it got easier to understand. 

Having a personal brand has become a full time job. We see people all over social media who have millions of followers and they  “don’t do anything”

Well, actually, what they do is Personal Branding and in this blog post I’ll try to explain why it is absolutely integral for you, as a real estate agent, to do it too.

It’s About You

If you are already into branding your real estate business, like most of the businesses out there, then you might ask why would you invest more into branding yourself rather than your company.

It’s not about your business, it’s about you and the thing is, it is a lifetime investment.

What’s the Difference

First of all let’s get this out of the way- you definitely can promote and brand both yourself and your company at the same time.

People often do this by becoming the faces of their companies, which can be very beneficial- doing two tasks at the same time. The major benefit, in this case, is that people can see the face behind the company, they will project everything they see in you and think of you on your company. If you do this right, that means people will be more trusting. However, there is one big downside:

Let’s imagine the unimaginable- your company goes down. If this is the case and your company and you are the same brand, you’re going down too as a brand and as I mentioned, this can be a lifetime thing. Rebranding yourself is way harder than rebranding the company.

I guess by now you see what’s the difference between the company and personal branding

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Personal Branding, in its practical sense, is not an uncommon concept within the real estate community.  A lot of you depend on how people perceive you, since clients often have to deal with you as a person, and not as a company provided representative.

Because of that, lots of real estate agents try to position themselves under some niche and present themselves according to the chosen image.

What if you did that intentionally, let’s say strategically, to stand out from the crowd.

What if you had a personal and professional online presence where you demonstrate what you know and why you know it.

New Opportunities

People often are more inclined to contact the person than the company, if you have your own company, that’s why you need a strong personal brand. You may get some opportunities, your company wouldn’t by itself.

For the real estate professionals out there, who don’t run their own companies, it’s even more integral to have a powerful personal presence.

It could lead to job interviews, speaking engagements, partnerships, networking and of course leads.

Why? Keep reading and find out in the next paragraph

Trust Issues

People will trust you more and therefore have more offers for you. There is a psychology behind that.

You probably have heard that traditional forms of advertising work less and less on millenials and especially generations after them.

Personal Branding really is the investment, because it’s harder to earn the trust of the newer generations and it appears they are inclined to trust individuals more than companies, people who talk like them, who look like them etc..

So, branding yourself is way easier in that regard, you have a major advantage- you are a person.

Someone is Always Looking

The best thing about a strong personal brand is this: you’re always in lead generating, opportunity generating and active PR mode, even if you’re not doing anything.

Personal Branding can either make or break your career. Make sure SERP (Search Engine Result Page)  for your name is all positive and professional looking. Clean up your social media and keep in mind that when building a personal brand some mistakes cannot be undone.

What Can You do Right Now

For a brand, personal or not, to be strong and generate opportunities and leads for you, it takes time and constant effort.

Here is what you need to start working on right now: define the target audience, the strategy, clean up all of your social media and match the visuals to the likes of your target audience.

Last, but definitely not  least- create engaging content.

Are you interested in personal branding in a real estate niche? Or maybe you want to know more about real estate content creation? Leave a comment down below and let us know.

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