What Are the Steps You Need to Take When Launching Your Real Estate Website

As already established, modern business is impossible without the virtual representation of it. How so? The fact is the modern consumers are more and more becoming online shoppers transferring their purchasing process into virtual reality, thus pushing businesses to adapt or be left behind. As simple as it may sound, creating your own website and launching it is simple only on the surface. Many novices make mistakes, especially in the first stage. And that’s ok. Making mistakes is a part of our learning experience. Here is a list of steps you can take while launching a real estate website thus making your online experience easier.

Start Using Organic Listings

Here is the thing, maybe using a third party website is indeed cheaper than storing data on your server, but in this process, you lose the most valuable item- SEO. And real estate websites are all about SEO. As a result, in the pursuit of saving a budget, you pay twice and don’t get the desired result, because all your SEO goes to the third party IDX providers.

Don’t Abandon the Idea of Creating Your Own Blog.

It’s a very common case. People start posting articles on their blog but throughout the time when they don’t see immediate results, they abandon the idea of having their own blog. You need to be patient. You can’t generate more leads and get stronger SEO by just posting several articles. It’s a continuing process.

Aside from this, don’t forget that the more content you will have on your website, the more visible it will be for Google. Thus increasing your chances to be seen by your future clients. So, my advice would be- be consistent and patient. Your patience will be rewarded.

Note to remember, don’t post content for the sake of the content. Make sure it is equally informational and entertaining and just a little bit promotional. It’s a perfect blend for valuable real estate content.

Organic RETS Integration

Create a User-Friendly Website.

I believe everyone, once in their life, had the occasion of stumbling on a website so confusing it made us question our IQ. Here’s the thing, your website can be super aesthetic but if it’s not clear how to contact you or customers cannot easily and quickly get what they need, believe me, they will leave your website and never come back. So, always make sure your website is user- friendly and pay attention to:

  • How fast or slow is your real estate website
  • Is it easy to contact you?
  • Is all displayed information correct?
  • All in all, check out if there are any annoying pop-ups that will affect your customers’ experience


Pay Attention to Your Images

Yes, the modern world is all about visual rather than text. Your website is the visual representation of you, your brand and your company, so don’t use pictures that are low quality and resolution. That way you will shy away from your potential customers. Let’s admit it, the first thing that we notice is the visually pleasing aesthetic. So, use pictures that will grab the attention of your customers.

Create a Complementing Social Media Account to Your Real Estate Website

If you’re still not using social media, what are you doing? Here’s the thing about Millenials, we use the majority of our free and not so free time scrolling through social media. It happens… And pretty often…Sometimes even absentmindedly. So, use this factor to your advantage and link your account to your website. The result will be on a whole different level. And I’m not even talking about using your social media for a promotion, that’s a whole other topic. If you’re interested, you can even connect your IDX listing to Facebook Dynamic ads to make the job easier

As already mentioned, creating and maintaining a blog is your priority. So, share your original content on your social media. It will increase your SEO, generate more leads and, in general, boost the visibility of your brand.

Make Sure That Your Real Estate Website Works On Mobile Devices

While creating a website is already a big step in the right direction, you also need to make sure that your website is compatible with mobile devices. Let the statistics show, 70% of customers view websites through their mobile devices. This means that if your website does not support mobile devices you will lose so many leads. So, talk to responsible people and solve this problem. If you want to be really ahead of the game, you can even consider building a mobile app for your leads to use. 

P.S Interested in how Organic MLS works? Check out this article  Organic MLS Integration: Generate More Long-Term Leads and Improve Your SEO.

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