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Self-Quarantine Tips for Real Estate Agents

While health professionals recommend that people stay home, most businesses switch to teleworking. In some areas, people are advised to, or order to, stay home and self-quarantine, and that can make it hard to get by physiologically and psychologically for real estate agents. 

Here, we will review a few tips that can help you remain organized and in good shape, both mentally and professionally. We all understand that the pressure is high on everyone in the real estate industry, but with a few tweaks in our lifestyles, we can change things for the better. Let’s go about it:

Real Estate Tip #1 Take Regular Showers/Baths

Water is probably the most soothing element in the universe. Doctors recommend that you take regular warm baths or showers to ease the tension that is imposed on your brain and body. It’s important not to neglect hygiene. 

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Real Estate Tip #2 Avoid Constantly Checking the News

The media and the news are overwhelmed with the rising number of Covid-19 cases and alarming facts. When you are home all the time, this can drive you insane. While it is important to stay updated with the latest in our world today, I strongly believe that you don’t need to hear the news more than twice a day.


Real Estate Tip #3 Eat Small Portions but More Often During the Day

Overeating has become a troubling fact these days. Given the fact that you are spending more time at home and are naturally less active, eating too much might make you feel drowsy and on edge. Take smaller portions of food. Add more fruits and vegetables and help your body take only as much as needed. 


Real Estate Tip #4 Set Your Working Environment

Many real estate agents are working from home, so we need to make sure work and personal life maintain their boundaries. Go to a room with fewer distractions and don’t lie on the bed with your laptop. 

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Real Estate Tip #5 Meditate

Since we do not have the change of environment like we normally do, our brain is prone to frustration. Taking some minutes to think about nothing and meditate will help reset our neurons. 

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Tip for Real Estate Agents#6 Cook and Do the Dishes

Cooking is an activity that gives you the refreshing feeling. The smell of ingredients relaxes your brain and activates some joy hormones. 

Doing the dishes may sound a bit dull but health professionals highly recommend that. It is an activity that needs little brain process and the sound of water is always meditative. 

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Tip for Real Estate Agents #7 Play with your Pet or Take Care of Your Plants

This is probably the most joyful time for house pets. They get to see their owners all day long- I’m sure your dog couldn’t agree more. 

Taking care of plants and animals at home provides a variety in your daily errands and energizes you. 


Real Estate Tip #8 Don’t Lie on the Bed Unless You Want to Sleep or Rest

This is undeniably a big mistake when we spend the whole day at home. This is the reason a lot of us feel so tired during holidays. Our beds are where we go for a good night sleep or a nap, and this is how our brain processes that environment. If we spend a lot of time on our beds during the day, we will get more tired and drowsy.


Real Estate Tip #9 Read Realtyna’s Blogs and Educate Yourself in Real Estate Business 

Reading is an activity that you can spend more time on. Instead of reading through social media and agitating yourself, check out some blogs on We update our blog on a regular basis and provide insights into the world of real estate and MLS. 

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