What is SEF Shared Database (Miami Association of Realtors)

What is SEF Shared Database (Miami Association of Realtors)

Southeast Florida Shared Database is the ultimate resource for MLS listings in the majority of southern Florida. It is a combination of multiple MLS and AORs that have come together to provide streamlined services. 

As one of the top 20 MLS in the country, SEF Shared Database is overseen by the Miami Association of Realtors, and it provides real estate services to over 50,000 realtors in the area. Miami Association of Realtors is the biggest local realtor’s association in the US, and it has business ties with more than 200 organizations worldwide. 

History of Miami Association of Realtors

Miami Association of Realtors was founded in 1920 and since then has grown to be one of the biggest service providers in the country. Miami Association of Realtors is based in Miami, Florida but it has offices in the following locations as well:

  • Miami Headquarters
  • Coral Gables
  • Northwestern Dade
  • Aventura
  • West Broward – Sawgrass
  • Northeast Broward
  • Southwest Broward – Hollywood
  • Jupiter Office – JTHS-MIAMI


Coverage Area

Miami Association of Realtors is made up of six different organizations:

  • the Residential Association
  • MIAMI REALTORS Commercial
  • the Broward MIAMI
  • A Division of MIAMI REALTORS

Here are the areas covered by the Miami Association of Realtors:


SEF Shard Database and RESO Web API

Members of the Miami Association of Realtors may have access to MLS data through a RESO Web API using one of the following:


The benefits are:

  • Unified Data Feed Across to over 100 MLSs (including Miami)
  • Platinum RESO certified Listing data via Web API
  • Listing updates and changes


The benefits are:

  • Flexible data retrieval
  • No need to maintain a listings database
  • RESO certified, standardized API functionality and field names
  • Simple integration with multiple MLS
  • No additional service fees from Bridge Interactive to access MIAMI MLS

* Disclaimer: The information about the API platforms are provided by the official website of the Miami Association of Realtors.

Alternatively, you can have the Realtyna’s technical team take care of your switch over to RESO Web API.

Organic MLS Integration for Miami Association of Realtors

Realtyna offers Organic MLS Integration for the Miami Association of Realtors. This will not only bring a lot of SEO value for your website, but it also offers faster and more regular updates. Using Organic MLS Integration, every page is indexable. This means more leads visit your website so your agents will be really busy.

Some of the other benefits of working with Realtyna are:

  • You own your license 
  • You will capture more leads
  • Your website’s SEO will improve with indexable listings
  • You can choose to host on your own server or Realtyna’s 
  • You can display listings directly on your website

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