The Importance of Membership Add-on for Your Real Estate Website

The Importance of Membership Add-on for Your Real Estate Website

Building a real estate website requires a lot of thinking. You need to have different add-ons to make sure that your website is working smoothly. There are some much-needed features or add-ons that you should consider. 

Membership Add-on is one of the most important features for any website. Real estate websites are not an exception here. While hundreds of users are registered on your real estate website, you need to have some managing tools.

Today we are going to speak about Membership Add-on and its benefits. We will outline what features this add-on has and how it actually works.

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Membership Add-on

Membership Add-on takes your real estate website to the next level by enabling you to define different membership packages for your website. There are several criteria by which you can simply define different membership packages. Here is the list of 5 main outlined criteria for defining membership:

Price – availability for different membership prices

User Type – guests, agents, brokers, constructors and more

Listing Types – for rent, for sale, vacation rental and more

User Access – allows you to define exactly what areas of the website are visible to each membership group

Validity Period – from 1 day to indefinite

Membership Add-on has different features that can be used on your real estate website. To know more about it, please visit our article on benefits of using membership add-ons for your real estate business

Pro-tip: Realtyna® Membership Add-on enables you to define flexible, different membership packages for your website.

Different Membership Packages For Your Real Estate Website

Every website differs from one another, especially in the case of different membership packages. Real estate websites are not an exception here. Real estate websites are used mainly by homeowners and real estate agents/professionals. 

There is a need for every real estate website to apply Membership Add-on. Defining different membership packages is one of the main features of Membership Add-on. Below, we outlined three different types of membership packages for your real estate website: 


What attracts website users? Of course, it’s having free access to everything. A free membership package can be used by those who want to upload only one property listing. Speaking about only one property, of course, it is quite easy to allow homeowners to use this opportunity on your real estate website. 


Speaking about real estate websites, for whom it can be applied? To answer this question, we need to take a moment and think about agents working on the website. Agents, most commonly have different and few property listings, and if they are using your real estate website, then they will definitely post several listings. In this case, you can simply apply paid membership packages to real estate agents and professionals and get some profit from it as the owner of a real estate website. 

Extra Payment

While visiting any real estate website, you can see the featured properties there. That’s where the extra payment membership package comes from for real estate websites. If you are running a real estate website, you can allow the agents to post featured properties for an extra payment. The extra payment will make it easier to define featured properties, which will make your real estate website stand out from the rest of the websites available there. 

Last Few Words

When hundreds of people are using your website, you need to define their membership packages. This will help you to have control over your website visitors and manage them according to their needs. 

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