How to Use MLS On The Fly™ on Digital Signages

How to Use MLS On The Fly™ on Digital Signages

Using a Custom API Endpoint

In today’s digital age, real estate professionals are continually seeking innovative ways to showcase property listings and captivate potential buyers. Integrating MLS/IDX listings into digital signage has emerged as a powerful tool, providing real estate professionals with an effective means to display properties and attract attention in high-traffic areas. 

Understanding MLS/IDX Listings

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and IDX (Internet Data Exchange) are crucial tools in the real estate industry, aggregating property listings from various brokers and agents into a centralized database. This comprehensive repository allows real estate professionals to access and display property information, including images, descriptions, pricing, and more, enhancing their marketing efforts.

MLSs across the US and Canada now offer their feed through an official technology vendor like Realtyna. Realtyna provides this data via a powerful API based on RESO Web API Standards. You can learn more about this powerful API here:

Please note that to access this feed, you must be an active member of the MLS(s) in order to be approved to receive the feed. You can contact Realtyna’s MLS department for more details. 

Why Digital Signage?

Digital signage serves as an impactful medium for presenting property listings to potential buyers. Whether placed in office lobbies, storefronts, or high-traffic areas, these displays offer a visually appealing platform to showcase properties, grab attention, and convey essential information swiftly. 

Thanks to Realtyna’s MLS Router™ API, you can now bring MLS listings to your digital signage On The Fly! . Here is how:

Integrating MLS/IDX Listings via a Custom API Endpoint

Follow these steps to add MLS/IDX listings to your real estate digital signage:

If you are the agent/broker :

  1. Sign up for the API on RealtyFeed Dashboard.
  2. Choose your MLS and data package and complete the steps.
  3. Next up, Realtyna’s MLS department will handle approval from your MLS.
  4. Once the approval is received, you’ll be provided with a custom API endpoint to add to your desired digital signage system. 
  5. You can now display live MLS listings on your digital signage. 

If you have any questions regarding these steps, feel free to contact our MLS team for a free consultation.

If you are a digital signage company representing an agent:

  1. Have your client sign up on the RealtyFeed dashboard.
  2. Complete the form provided to you by Realtyna’s MLS team. We will need your client’s MLS ID for this step.
  3. Our system will check for your client’s details on our database and if available, we will provide you with the API endpoint.
  4. You can now integrate them on your digital signage system.

Once again, feel free to reach out to our if you have any questions about any of the steps via the means provided below:

  • Our live chat on the bottom right corner of this page.
  • Call our solutions experts at (650) 336 0000.
  • Or simply fill out a form here and our team will reach out to you:

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MLS On The Fly™ for Signages

Benefits of Using Realtyna’s Custom API Endpoint for MLS/IDX Integration

Here is a quick look at the benefits of working with Realtyna’s custom API endpoint for your digital signage system:


Feature Realtyna (MLS Router™ API) Other Providers
Real-time Updates Yes – As frequent as possible Varied
On-the-fly data (90% save on hosting costs) Yes No
Import / Replica of Data Not needed – Optional Needed 
Customization and Control High Limited
MLS Coverage  Over 96% of the market in the US and Canada Varied


Integrating MLS/IDX listings into digital signage through custom API endpoints empowers real estate professionals to elevate their marketing strategies. By harnessing the power of real-time data and dynamic displays, agents can effectively captivate their audience, showcase properties, and stand out in the competitive real estate landscape. This fusion of technology and real estate marketing offers a powerful toolset for engaging potential buyers and driving property sales.

Learn more about MLS Router™ API here:

MLS Router™ API

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