How to Build a Real Estate Power Team for 2021

How to Build a Real Estate Power Team for 2021

Doing business these days has become teamwork orientated. From marketing to open house and property management, a successful real estate team needs a power team. The year 2021 is going to be one of those times when all of us could use extra hands to keep up.

The following are people you can usually expect on a real estate team. You don’t need to have all of them to create your power team, but each individual can make great contributions:

The Core

To start with, you need brokers and agents. Their responsibilities may not be very different, but brokers can have authority over agents from a legal point of view. The responsibilities are:

Responsibilities A Broker An Agent
Oversee other agents
Manage a brokerage
Negotiate deals
Sign contracts
Open houses


Marketing folks are probably the most active and crucial members of a business team these days. In real estate, the business has become very competitive, and those who don’t work enough on building their marketing strategies will definitely struggle. 

A digital marketing team often consist of:

  • Social Media Manager(s)
  • Content Developers(s)
  • Designers

Every marketing team will also need a marketing strategist to plan the right steps to better and more effective lead generation. 


An IDX website is an essential part of a real estate business. To maintain a website, you need the following people:

  • Back-end Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Support Technicians

Alternatively, you can build a converting website with Realtyna. Our technical team will help you build a converting IDX website with organic MLS integration. 

Build an IDX Website With Realtyna

Property Management

Real estate companies continuously work with a large number of properties, and they often have to take care of several maintenance tasks. As a result, a real estate power team needs a resourceful team of technicians and manual workers to assist them with any preparations a property might need. 


Like every other business out there, realtors could be the subjects of legal challenges. These possible challenges could be one of the following:

  • Antitrust issues
  • Fair housing
  • Tax issues
  • Misleading advertisement 
  • Issues with full disclosure
  • and a lot more

To avoid this, you can have a lawyer and a CPA on the team. Alternatively, you could delegate these tasks to a law firm.  

Bottom Line

Creating your power team can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls later when leads flow in. Most realtors can walk and chew at the same time, but we don’t have to do everything on our own. 

Realtyna is a real estate technology company with over a decade of experience helping realtors with the following:

  • Build an IDX website with multiple features
  • Run updated MLS listings on their websites, using Organic MLS Integration
  • Customize and design websites to meet their personal needs
  • Access RESO Web API, even if their MLS doesn’t provide it
  • Access features for lead generation and client management, such as CRM, multiple add-ons, and SEO packages 

Don’t forget to contact us for a free consultation should you have any questions or need more information:

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