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9 Steps to Add A Bright MLS RETS Feed to a WordPress Website

Bright MLS offers some of the strongest data products available.

They include tens of thousands of listings across a wide territory from New Jersey to Virginia.

Now WordPress users can add a Bright MLS RETS feed to their websites with Realtyna’s Organic RETS Integration.

What Is Organic RETS Integration?

Organic RETS Integration is Realtyna’s RETS plugin for WordPress. The software allows you to connect to a Bright MLS data feed and display listings in a front-end property search.

Check out our demos, or contact us for more information.

How to Add a Bright MLS RETS Feed to WordPress?

Follow the steps below to add a Bright MLS RETS feed to your WordPress website.

Step 1

Log into WordPress

Log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to ‘Plugins.’

Step 2

Install Realtyna plugin

Click ‘Add New’, then ‘Upload.’ Then, browse your computer for the Realtyna zip file.

Note: The plugin file is made available for download with your purchase of Realtyna Organic RETS Integration.

Step 3

Acquire login from Bright MLS

Speak to your MLS administrator to find out how to acquire a RETS login.

Note: Realtyna can serve as your vendor for a monthly fee.

Step 4

Establish data connection

Insert the RETS username and password into the plugin to connect to the Bright MLS servers and establish a RETS feed.

Step 5

Map fields

Use Realtyna’s mapping wizard to select data fields and assign them to locations on your website.

Step 6

Set Queries

Set queries for the listing types you wish to include on your site.

Step 7


Download listings to your site.

Step 8


Add commands to your cron-job system to run the import process automatically for new or modified listings.

Note: If you don’t have RETS experience or don’t wish to perform steps 5-8, Realtyna technicians will complete them for you for no extra charge.

Step 9


At this point your RETS feed is connected and active. You may configure your front-end search to meet your market and business needs.


For more IDX options with Bright MLS, check Realtyna’s Organic IDX.

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