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Real Estate SEO

One of the most important parts of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effort is the Market Research for comprehending the online competition and the user trends. For a SEO company with not enough knowledge of the Real Estate market, a proper market research is double effort. That is why SEO consulting is usually costly.

As a company dedicatedly focused on the Real Estate section, Realtyna® has acquired high knowledge of the SEO requirements for this section. This knowledge enables us to render the necessary services and the desired results with a lower cost compared to ‘general’ SEO service providers.

For achieving a proper SEO result, any company must fulfill three principal aspects of SEO namely Internal SEO, Organic SEO and Advertising campaigns. The last one is not purely SEO, but we put it in the same category because:

1- It highly depends on the same concept of ‘finding efficient keywords’
2- It directs the traffic from the search engines

The diagram below shows the details of an SEO initiative:

Efficient and Effective Keywords

The KEY to a successful SEO effort is finding the most effective and efficient KEYWORDs. These keywords have to be used in the articles of the website, description of the properties, URLs or Links of each property page and also the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns.

However, finding the right keywords is not easy and needs to be done professionally. The Following diagram shows the important characteristics of good keywords, the methods for finding them and the tools that SEO professionals use for this purpose.

Real Estate SEO

For a Cost-Effective PPC Campaign we need to identify the keywords that are popular but cost-effective.

There always must be a balance between the popularity factor and the cost of the selected keywords.

Effective Keywords
SEO Popularity


• There is a huge competition in popular keywords.
• Popularity does not necessary means efficiency. For example, the competition for the keyword ‘Real Estate’ is really high. On the other hand, if you are selling or renting properties, you do not need to compete in this word. Instead you must focus on your own specific market specifications.
• For achieving long-term results you should focus on the Organic SEO for the popular keywords.


The cost of the most popular keywords is usually high in PPC (Pay per click) campaigns.

The high cost of the PPC rate may vacuum up your campaign’s budget without desirable results.