Real Estate SEO


  • Generate more leads with organic content and data
  • Rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Be more competitive locally and nationally
  • Improve website performance and offer better user experience

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It is obscure to no one that websites with higher rankings are more likely to generate leads than those on with lower ones. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of actions you take to improve your ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. These actions range from simply optimizing your content to improving website speed, creating a schema markup and a lot more.



Potential buyers and sellers often search Google to find an agent or look for listings. Google provides results based on SEO, and websites with better performance and optimization will have a chance to be on the first page. Real estate websites need SEO to:

Stand out from a crowded field of real estate website and portals Compete with real estate giants such as Zillow and Trulia with local SEO

Keep users on their websites and improve lead generation Empower their marketing campaigns with quality SEO


SEO can be achieved through technical optimization of a website’s content and data. Also, real estate websites require Organic MLS integration to produce listings pages indexable by Google.
All of this and more can be done through on-page and off-page search engine optimization.


What is Organic MLS Integration and How it Helps your SEO?


Most real estate websites receive MLS data from a third party provider and in many cases, the data is not hosted on their own servers. Using Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration, you will be able to own the data and create organic pages indexable by Google. This is a key SEO factor in a real estate website.

Organic MLS Integration is our robust solution to receive MLS data. It is designed for WPL, which is our plugin for creating a solid real estate business. WPL and its Organic MLS integration will bring the following SEO benefits to your real estate website:

WPL is Search Engine Friendly. It generates SEF urls for properties that lead to better indexing in the search engines such as Google. Dynamic Meta Data gives you the ability to manually insert meta keywords and meta descriptions for each property based on specific marketing needs.

GEO Meta Tags are available in WPL settings, which will be printed on the site header. This feature greatly enhances the SEO of the website in searches done by users who are near the geographic location of the business.

Dublin Core Meta Tags new meta data types that can greatly affect your search engine ranking If they are set correctly.

Sitemap Integration helps you conveniently define a pattern for the permalink (url) of the properties based on the property details. For example, you can choose to display price in the URL or not. This will affect your Search Engine Optimization.


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