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How To Spice Up My Real Estate Office

You can say a thousand words about your business, but nothing will beat the tangible and visible things that people can actually see.  Different industries, especially tech, realized this not so long ago and that is the reason why we come across sleeping pods and hoola hoops in the modern offices nowadays. The visual perception of who you are as a business and what you are all about not only helps your market positioning, but also can help your employee’s productivity immensely. And real estate offices are no exception.

Let’s start with what’s easiest and very low cost at first:

Mission Statement

The easiest thing you could do that achieves all those things mentioned above is a visible and creative mission statement.

It could be just an enlarged picture or even a large screen that states what are the values and goals your business has. Just to showcase what is it that differentiates you from all the other real estate businesses out there.

This will help your own employees be aware of the tone and beliefs your company carries at all times and also affirm and showcase it to your clients and leads.

Organic MLS Integration

TV APP for Your Real Estate Office

Saying what you are all about and showing it are two different things. If your goal is to position and market your business as technologically advanced, big player or however you prefer to phrase it a  TV App could affirm that message to everyone that walks by or visits your real estate office.

Now, the real question- what exactly does it do? Three major things: 

  • Send your featured or IDX listings to Smart TVs (like Apple TV)
  • Maximize your exposure (I’ll elaborate more on that later)
  • Automatic Slide presentation of your listings

You could display your listings in your office lobby or the front window, basically everywhere you can place Smart TV and people can see. Not only that, but you can also use this app to show your listings in an open house, local coffee shops etc.. whenever you’d like to advertise, especially in your own office.

Brokerage Add-on

To ensure that you office runs smoothly and efficiently, you need internal tools as much as you need external.

Guess what I’m talking about? Yep, Brokerage add-on  which is an extension for WPL and is basically an extra management and control tool for you. 

This extension allows you to have different brokers, each with their own set of agents and listings, over which they have fullcontrol, so the listings are kept accurate.

As for you, as an admin, you have the oversight and control of everything that goes on the website, which helps to keep the information flow accurate and efficiency of it all in general.

TV App

Franchise/Multi-Site Solution

Okay, this solution can change the real estate office dynamic entirely. Big real estate businesses that have multiple agents and brokers under them often struggle to provide efficient, cost-effective website solutions.

How does this work? You, as a franchisor or broker, have your own Parent website and child websites that realtors and agents under you use and manage, but you have control over, if need be. You can also share MLS data with your “child” websites.

You can buy the Broker version  solution which can support up to 250 child websites or a portal version which supports up to 5000 websites.

The why-s of the Franchise solution is a long list, however the core benefit is that it ensures your office/franchise runs smoothly and at the same time, your brokers/agents have independence and their own platform.

The A.I. for Real Estate Office

This part is basically a future development project you could start thinking about now, because rumor has it, Real Estate is the next industry to be taken over by A.I, so my advice- take them over first.

Have you thought about robot real estate assistant or even a realtor? Well, people apparently did. For instance, Zenplace, a rental management company in San Francisco uses robots as tour guides.

So, if you thought robots taking over real estate jobs would be far in the future, time to reconsider. You could check out this article right here, if you’re interested in how robots and real estate go together.

In the end, what could spice up your real estate office more than a robot employee? 

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