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What is WPL Pro?

  • WPL Pro is the most feature-rich, flexible, scalable and extendable WordPress plugin for creating Real Estate websites / portals.


  • WPL Pro is the core product for WPL Platform, including lots of useful add-on extensions, for different business needs. Even on its own.


  • With normal server settings it supports 100,000+ listings, as well as an unlimited number of users. And with some server optimization it is capable of supporting millions of listings.


  • One time payment, lifetime updates, one year support and optional support renewal from the second year.


  • Can be installed on your hosting/server.


  • Provides full control over the website contents and plugins.



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WPL Pro comes with two native themes

WPL28 and Sesame are native WPL themes, built with different page builders and designs.

WPL 28

Light and Customizable

Sesame Theme

Light and Elementor-Ready

Build fast customizable websites/apps with improved SEO using API


WPL Pro Platform

Features and Services


FeatureWPL BasicWPL ProDescription
Flex System++This feature allows you to add, modify, delete to deactivate property data fields in the Add Listing wizard. Click here to learn more about Flex Add-on
Call For Price+As a part of the Hide Null Data feature, you have the option to show a custom text instead of the data field. For example if you don’t want to display the property price, you can select “Call” option, which will display “Call for Price” in the frontend. This text is dynamic and can be changed from the Flex system.
Hide If Zero+For numerical fields (including min/max field type), optionally you can set the field to become hidden in the front-end of the site, if the value of the field is 0.
Hide Null Data++WPL automatically hides the data fields with null values.
Hide Address Feature+This feature allows you to decide whether or not to show the address of the visitor. After entering the location for each property, select “hide the address” and anything related to the address, such as the map, will become invisible to visitors. You can opt to show a message, such as “Please call for more details”, to be shown instead. This feature follows the policy of some countries. The Property location is visible for visitors by default.
Add Listing Wizard++This feature allows website users/agents to add/edit listings on the website, depending on their access level.
Listing Type++Listing Types such as For Sale, For Rent, Vacation Rental, Shared Accommodation, etc. can be defined in the system according to your needs.
Property Type++Property Types can be specified in the back-end, such as an Apartment, Studio, Town House, Office, Land, Shop, etc.
Unit Management++Each country may use a different measuring unit system. You can manage what system to use through this feature.
Room Types++You can add different Room Types in the system.
More Details+This is a separator in listing or property wizard to hide or show fields. For example, if there are 10 fields, by adding more-tags after the seventh one, the last third fields will be hidden and the text “More options” will be shown.
Multi Currency+Daily sync for updating WPL currency exchanges, keywords: currency, exchange
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
Profile Management + + WPL Users can edit their profile information including Name, Contact Details, Company Logo, etc.
Access Control + + Admin can determine the access level of each user to different parts of the system.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
Dynamic Search Parameters + + Admin can activate, deactivate and sort the search parameters of the search module from the administration panel.
Location Database Search + + If the location database method is selected for the website, hierarchical location search can be used as a location search method. For example, searching based on Country, State, City, Zip Code. Each of these location levels can be activated or deactivated from the admin panel.
Location Text Search + + If the Location Text Method is used for saving the location information, this type of location search is available.
Radius Map Search + In the Pro package, properties can be searched based on a certain distance (radius) from a certain location on the map.
Location Auto-Suggest + In the Pro package, the search module will suggest location names based on the entered characters (letters).
Sort Options + + The search results can be sorted based on different sort options such as price, date, number of bedrooms, etc.
Google Map Search + + The search results will be displayed on the map.
ZIP Code Search + + If the location database method is used, and the ZIP Codes are included in the database, you have the option to search properties based on ZIP Codes.
Scroll Pagination + This feature will show all search results on the same page instead of having the default pagination, which separates the search results into different pages.
RSS Feature For Properties + Visitors can perform a search and then read RSS feed by an RSS reader software (This feature should be enabled by admin). Sample RSS for WPL Pro :
Advanced Sort Options + It’s an ability to sort listings by their property type/listing type. For example, website visitor can see the Homes or Villas first/last. Also Rentals first/last. Also admin can create pages using these sort options to show a certain property type on top.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
7 Level Dynamic Location System + + The location system can be set based on a hierarchical location database consisting of 7 flexible levels and Zip Code. Each country has a certain location structure and names that can be set through this flexible location system. For more information, please refer to the user manual.
ZIP Code Parent + + In each country, the ZIP code is tied to a certain location level. Therefore in WPL the ZIP Code parent location level can be selected as required.
Location Text System + + On a regional real estate website, the simplest method is to use the location text system where you can manually enter the location names and hierarchy in the system.
Google Places + This feature displays the proximity of different places to the location of the property, on the map.
Location Auto-suggest + Location auto-suggest text fields of locations in Add/Edit listing menu.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
Property Confirmation + + The system can be setup in a way that it requires admin confirmation before publishing properties on the website.
Deleting / Restoring + + The property records can be deleted from the website, where they can be restored if needed.
Purging + + You can purge the property records completely from the database.
Adding / Editing Listing + + Via the Add Listing Wizard agent users can publish property records on the website. Through Flex feature, admin can configure the add listing wizard as needed.
Property Manager + + From this interface, users can manage all their listings including editing, deleting, restoring, purging and even change the owner of properties.
HTML Editor + WYSIWYG Editor for property description and text-area fields.
Property Comparison + Property comparison feature for comparing favorite listings.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
Search Widgets + + Fully customizable Search Widget. Ability to add/change search fields, search through custom fields and manage search options (range, dropdown, etc).
Carousel Widget + + The carousel widget of WPL is capable of filtering properties based on selected criteria such as property type, listing type, featured properties, etc.
Bookmark / Favorite Widget + This widget keeps a list of bookmarked (favorite) properties of the user. This widget does not need the user to be logged-in.
Agents Widget + + The agents widget of WPL is capable of filtering agents/profiles based on selected criteria and showing them using some interesting layouts.
Widget Shortcodes + Allows to publish a WPL widget inside page content, which is not possible by default in WordPress. This feature is useful for: – Creating “advanced search” page while showing the search parameters as the main content of the page – Loading carousel and agents widgets inside a page or post content.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
Property Listing + + The property listing view, lists the search results or a category of properties. Depending on the template, the list can be displayed based on vertical listing or a grid view.
Property Show + + Property Show (Property Details Page) displays all the details of each property..
Agent Listing + + This view displays the list of agents who represent the properties.
Agent Profile + + The agent profile displays the contact details and a short description of the agent. It also displays the list of properties added/managed by that agent.
List/Grid Switcher For Property Listing Page + + Users can switch between 2 modes: grid/boxed view or listing view, in the property listing/search result page.
Map Type For Google Map + + You can select between 5 types of Google map including 4 default views/styles (Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain) and 1 WPL Style.
Shortcode Wizard + + This feature allows you to manage the different layouts available for viewing the properties in the shortcode wizard. The layouts can be generated by you or obtained from our team.
Mouseover For Property Markers On Map + + The default setting of WPL is that we should click on the property markers in order to see the info-window (details) on the map. With this new feature, you can configure the map in a way that displays the property details by mouseover.
Map Overview For Google Map + + A small box can be added on the side of Google Map, which shows the zoomed-out overview of the map. This box can be used for easier and faster navigation on the map.
Design Customizer + This feature allows some UI (User Interface) customization features for WPL Pro elements, when it is installed on 3rd party WordPress themes. Design configurations, including main color, font1, font2, their sizes and some custom CSS for styling some parts.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
SEF + + WPL is Search Engine Friendly. It also generates SEF urls for properties which leads to better indexing in the search engines such as Google.
Dynamic Meta Data + Ability to insert meta keywords and meta description for each property manually based on specific marketing needs.
GEO Meta Tags + Inserting Geo meta tag in WPL settings, which will be printed on the site header. This feature greatly enhance the SEO of the website in searches done via users who are near the geographic location of the business.
Dublin Core Meta Tags + 15 new meta data types that can greatly affect your search engine ranking If they are set correctly. For more information please click here.
Sitemap Integration + Integration with “All in one SEO pack” plugin
Pattern For Property Alias/Permalink + + You can define a pattern for the permalink (url) of the properties based on the property details. For example you can choose to display price in the URL or not. This will affect your Search Engine Optimization.
Facebook And Twitter Meta Tags + + For sharing the listings on Facebook or Twitter.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
PDF Flyer + In WPL Pro, PDF printable format of the properties can be generated.
Open House Info + This feature shows the open-house information of a property on a calendar, in the property details page.
Energy Consumption Tag + This feature displays the energy consumption tag/graph of a property, which is required by law in some of the European countries.
Agent Contact Form + + Website visitors can contact agents through a contact form in the property details page.
Full MultiLingual Support + We’ve built WPL to be as flexible as possible. This includes the ability for users all over the world to translate their sites into their native language. Click here to learn more.
WPL Logs Manager + Log most of WPL actions so admin can check WPL Logs if needed. Each add-on can use WPL Logs API as well.
Import/Export Feature For WPL Settings Menu + Users can export their settings in XML, JSON or CSV format and then import them in another WPL.
Abuse Report + This feature can be used for allowing website visitors to report inappropriate contents to the admin of the website.
Request A Visit + + WPL users can request to visit a property. This request is sent to the property owner by emailing system.
Send To A Friend + + Visitors can share a property information to a friend through an emailing system.
Print feature + Listing Print feature for WPL listings page.
Price Rebate + Ability to add rebate percentage to the price.
Feature WPL Basic WPL Pro Description
Solving Bugs + + Fixing all kinds of issues that are just related to Realtyna scripts.
Releasing Frequent Updates + + Releasing frequent updates for WPL and respective add-ons
Complimentary Installation Service + Complimentary installation of all our services. Click here to learn more .
Helping And Guiding in the Configurations + Helping and guiding in the configurations and installation of all of our services/add-ons.
Support Forum + + Supporting of all customer questions about our services in respective forms.
Access To Hundreds Of Knowledge Base Articles And Manuals + + Our customers will have access to hundreds of knowledge base articles and manuals of our services/add-ons
Priority Support + Setting priority to support tasks.
WPL Theme28 + This product is included ONLY with WPL Pro version.


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Scott Rowdon
Scott Rowdon
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Had a great experience working with the support team. They were quick to get IDX data flowing to my website and as the data was importing, they closely monitored and corrected the data stream as necessary. Very responsive and super fast to fix issues to resolution.
Stuart Pringle
Stuart Pringle
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Really impressed with the product and support team (Patrick and Mia). Getting custom work done to a plugin can sometimes be a little bit stressful but the team really looked after me and the end result is exactly what was needed. Thank you 🙂
Tina Carson
Tina Carson
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Working with Alfred was great! He got back to me within an hour and gave step by step instructions (including screenshots) that walked me through exactly what I needed to do to resolve my problem. I love how quickly Realtyna support responds! Thank you again Alfred!