WPL Language Support Available

  • Translate your site into your native language.
  • Make changing languages as easy as possible
  • Ability to create dynamic keywords
  • Translate by native speakers, not Google Translate

WPL Language Support Available


We’ve built WPL to be as flexible as possible. This includes the ability for users all over the world to translate their sites into their native language.

We already offer the plugin and add-ons in English and French. These are seamless translations done by native speakers, not Google Translate like some of our competitors. The difference is noticeable.

If you know a language other than English and French and want to translate WPL, we have instructions on the page below.


WPL is a translate ready plugin to make changing languages as easy as possible for our users.

If you need a site with multiple languages, we offer the multilingual feature for use under WPL PRO.

It is a tool we developed with the WordPress Multilingual Team during our WPL PRO 2.0 update.

To activate multiple languages on your site please follow the instructions on the following page.


With this feature, you also can create dynamic keywords that generate results in the language searched. We’ve built these tools to serve our clients in the United States and around the world.