Franchise solution

What is a Real Estate Multisite (Franchise) Solution?

The key to success for every real estate business nowadays is a converting website. Thanks to modern technologies in the field such as IDX and WordPress, creating a converting website is far from impossible. I’m not saying it is easy but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  First, let’s figure out what a real estate franchise basically is and how they can deal with multiple websites. 

What is a Real Estate Franchise?

A real estate franchise is a venture in which a franchisor and a franchisee work together to expand their real estate brand and strategies. 

In real estate, a franchise is usually a group of brokers who share the same operational and marketing approaches. 

In the United States, major brokerage firms such as Century 21 and RE/MAX are franchises. These franchises have offices all over the world. They hope that the consistency in their strategies will help them grow in the fierce competition of today’s real estate market. 

What is a Multisite Solution?

Well, as mentioned earlier, members of a franchise follow a consistent strategy to promote and expand their business. 

One of the most important aspects of this is multiple websites. A real estate franchise may include multiple agents. Often, the franchise offers web development for their members. But this can be way ahead of their pay grade or technical expertise. 

In this case, the remaining option is to outsource the entire process third parties or let the members figure something out. 

Either of these cases, the success rate is very low and franchise fall short of their consistency ambitions. 

What they CAN do is to try a multisite solution. This will help them create as many websites as they can with a core structure and shared databases. 

Franchise solution

How Can Realtyna Help?

Realtyna’s Franchise/Multisite Solution is perfect for building multiple real estate websites while sharing the same property database. With very little time investment you can build one main site and literally an unlimited number of child websites (on the same server) with this solution.

The Advantages of Realtyna’s Franchise/Multisite Solution are:
  • Attracting more Agents and Brokers by offering a state-of-the-art real estate website solution at a fraction of the cost.
  • Breaking down the setup and maintenance cost by hosting all the websites on a single server and a single property database.
  • Listing all of the client’s properties on a single website (the Franchisor’s main website).
  • Sharing a single instance of the MLS data between multiple websites, saving a lot of hosting resources.
  • It helps reducing the database/files sizes significantly.
  • You won’t need multiple cron jobs/scripts to update other websites, therefore every website’s data will be real-time.
  • If the designs of all websites are similar, we can create a package after the first website setup, and create the child websites based on that.
  • For the child websites, there’s no need to purchase product licenses.
  • Later you can add more websites, with minimum effort compared to building websites from scratch.
  • Compatible with WordPress NS Cloner

Need more information? Then leave us a call or contact our support team!

And if you need help with creating a website for your brokerage, check out How to build a Real Estate brokerage Website!

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