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This Agreement specifies the terms, conditions, and definitions of Realtyna’s MLS Router™ API Data Feed Integration Service. This document also outlines all of Realtyna’s procedures, requirements, and features of and for this service. If you have any further questions or need more clarification after reviewing this Agreement, please contact us at [email protected] 


Realtyna’s MLS Services are as follows:

  1. API-only Service: MLS Router™ API
  2. MLS On The Fly™ (Website Service): MLS On The Fly™
  3. Mobile Apps: Real Estate iPhone/Android App
  4. MLS/IDX Widget Pack(For CMSs other than WordPress): SEO-Friendly MLS/IDX Widget Pack



Definition of Realtyna’s MLS Router™ API Data Feed Integration:

Realtyna is an official vendor with over 200 MLSs in the United States, Canada, and a few countries around the world. Realtyna is also a certified RESO Web API server. Data from MLSs are offered via a unified feed powered by Realtyna’s MLS Router™ API. This is one of the fastest and most reliable data services in the industry. You can see a full list of supported MLSs in the link below:



MLS Router™ API Integration

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a data exchange service amongst the members of a regional Real Estate Board. MLS Router™ API MLS Integration allows members to import and display the MLS data on their website. This will be done through a standard protocol called RESO Web API, which is supported by the National Associations of Realtors (NAR) in the United States. If an MLS still provides RETS feed, Realtyna can help with migration to RESO Web API as one of the vendors:  . The main difference between MLS Router™ API MLS Integration and other providers is that in the MLS Router™ API MLS Integration, the actual data will be imported to the website’s database.


Note: The terms for becoming an approved vendor with the MLS Real Estate Boards, carry heavy obligations and responsibilities for the vendors. Therefore, Realtyna as a vendor must ensure that:

  • No third party has access to the MLS data.
  • We maintain full access to the client’s websites at all times as long as the client wants to use MLS data provided by Realtyna and Realtyna has compliance obligations for that website.
  • The client is an active member of the MLS and will provide the necessary information to Realtyna to obtain approval from the MLS. 




Realtyna’s support coverage and API service are active for as long as the client has an active subscription to the RealtyFeed Dashboard. You can always check your payment history, subscription details, and Access Status on RealtyFeed Dashboard. 


View our Knowledge Base for more details about support and access our tutorials:

Knowledgebase - Realtyna Help Center


You can read Realtyna’s Support Coverage Policies here.



Unified Feed / RESO Web API Specifications

Realtyna’s MLS Router™ API follows a standardized format developed by the RESO for creating web APIs that facilitate the exchange of real estate data between different software applications and platforms. These specifications define the protocols, data formats, authentication mechanisms, and other technical details necessary for implementing standardized APIs for real estate data access.  By incorporating these standards into our data integration processes, Realtyna’s MLS Router™ API aims to enhance data interoperability, streamline operations, and deliver greater value to our clients and partners.



Minimum Requirements for MLS On The Fly™ (Website Service):


  • Apache Server 2.x.x or higher (or other standard web servers such as Nginx or Litespeed etc.)
  • PHP 8.1.x or higher
  • MySQL 5.7.x or higher Or MariaDB 10.1 and higher
  • WordPress 5.0.0 or higher
  • Allow_url_fopen set to ON in php.ini
  • GD Library, also "freetype" package should be installed and configured with PHP
  • Safe mode should be off
  • Magic quote should be off
  • Memory limit should be set to 512 MB for WPL installation
  • PHP "ZipArchive" extension * must be installed for updating the PRO version of WPL and its add-ons
  • PHP "Multibyte String" extension ** must be installed for using the PDF generator feature
  • WordPress debug mode should be off
  • cPanel (recommended but not necessary)




This agreement is valid from the signature data and until the client has an active subscription with Realtyna as stated in section 1. If the client cancels subscriptions or a subscription is canceled by Realtyna due to non-payment, this agreement will be nullified. If the client chooses to resubscribe, a new agreement will have to be signed. Realtyna’s MLS department will terminate the MLS agreement for the client within 2 weeks of the cancellation of the subscription.




Realtyna’s MLS fees are transparent and can be viewed across Realtyna’s official Website. Realtyna charges a setup fee and a monthly service fee to provide MLS service. Refer to the official product pages to see the details.

NOTE: Recurring Fees are non-refundable. The setup fee is subject to refund policies stated in the Satisfaction Guarantee Policies below:

Satisfaction Guarantee



Data Ownership

MLS listings data is owned exclusively by the MLS. Client and Realtyna must strictly follow the access requirements stated in the Data agreement provided by the MLS. The data shall not be used for any purpose other than what is stated in the Data agreement provided by the MLS. Violation of this agreement will result in client access to be revoked.




Realtyna's API service is designed to provide the service to the front-end shells in a way that  SEO benefits of MLS data for client websites works in the best shape. However, it is crucial to note that the effectiveness of SEO outcomes relies on how the website is maintained and how the data is utilized to optimize SEO benefits for the client.


Realtyna does not guarantee specific SEO results, neither can any company. While we provide the best foundation based on MLS data, factors such as website maintenance, content strategy, and SEO implementation can influence the final SEO outcomes.


Clients are encouraged to actively manage their websites and utilize the provided MLS data effectively to maximize SEO benefits. Additionally, it is recommended to stay updated with SEO best practices and make necessary adjustments to ensure the continued optimization of the website's search engine performance.


By utilizing Realtyna's API service, clients acknowledge and accept that SEO results may vary based on various factors beyond Realtyna's control, and they agree to take responsibility for optimizing their website's SEO performance.



Security and compliance

  1. Clients are responsible for keeping the software on their website up to date, keeping the website secure and maintained according to local laws or regulations. 
  2. Realtyna and the client are both responsible for MLS compliance. Any compliance update from the MLS needed to be addressed both by the client’s webmaster and with the advice of the Realtyna team.




By signing the data feed agreement, you have agreed to comply with these terms and conditions of using our Services, specifically MLS data feed connection.





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