Market Reports Add-on

Why Do You Need User Analytics Add-On For Your Real Estate Website?

In order to perform successful marketing, you need to know the preferences and trends of your audience. User Analytics Add-on helps you to get more deep information about your website usage.


Let’s admit it, marketing is a lot. It’s not an easy thing but at the same time, it’s essential for your business’s future growth. People change, so does the business and marketing. What a decade ago was a very successful marketing method, won’t work today due to the technological revolution. Technology enabled so many options for us, but at the same time, it drastically changed the landscape of business marketing.

Let’s, for example, focus on the real estate field. Not so long ago the real estate business was more personal. In order to generate leads, face-to-face interaction was required. Real estate agents knew their clients personally. They had warm relationships with them. Sometimes they were even close enough to know their clients’ families, and even more, were serving different generations of these families.

Nowadays, more and more businesses go online and this personal connection is lost. By transferring their brand to the virtual space, they are facing the problem of knowing their audience. That is why today, I want to focus on User Analytics and its possibilities for online marketing and real estate websites. 

What is User Analytics Add- on?

User Analytics Add-on is an extension of Realtyna’s WPL software. It integrates with your WPL real estate website for IDX and RETS and showcases the usage of your website. Including the preferences of your clients. You can call the data and it will produce the relevant results in the form of a chart or table.

User Analytics add-on has a notable feature: you can choose the metric or a date range in order to identify how your listings performed in a certain period of time.

Market Reports Add-on

Why You Need User Analytics Add-on

Someone can think that it resembles Google analytics, but it is specifically created to track your listings on your website. In order to perform successful marketing, you need to know the preferences and trends of your audience. If you don’t know anything about it, you won’t be able to promote your brand or your listings effectively. You won’t know what properties are doing good & popular or what properties need a more special touch.

All in all, without this information you will be stumbling in the dark trying to get a sense of your audience. You need full access to the information to be able to track your leads and generate new ones.

How Can You Use User Analytics Add-On

As already established, User Analytics Add-on helps you get more deep information about your website usage. But what does it mean specifically? Let’s focus on one of the examples. Through User Analytics Add-on you received the information about what listings that are popular this week. That gives you tons of options. You are able to put those specific listings in a homepage slideshow or even improve your Facebook or web ads. See a great listing that is missing from the top 10 list? You can now compare it to the top ranked listings and optimize or market it to get more views. Notice a spike in certain neighborhoods? Host an open house there, or make it the target of your next door-to-door campaign. Analyzing all of these trends can unlock myriads of creative and strategic marketing plans!

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Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this article as “Market Reports Add-on” has been later renamed to “User Analytics Add-on”.


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