What are Calendar and Booking Features and Why You Need Them

Real estate websites are not only used for buying and selling homes. They can also be used for temporary stays and vacation rentals. If this is a market you are interested in opening the door to, or if you are already in this market and looking for website solutions, Realtyna has you covered.

The Calendar and Booking Add-ons are the perfect pair of features to include on your website if working with rentals are in your plans.


The calendar and booking add-ons are technology developments from Realtyna made specially for your WPL Pro website. Like all Realtyna products, they are flexible and fully customizable to your needs. These add-ons allow visitors to view availability calendars and book rentals straight from your site.

While visitors have the convenience of booking from your site, you have the convenience of defining all the rules.



With these two add-ons, you are provided with full control over how they function on your site.

  • Full Calendar Availability functionality
    • Define seasons: high season, low season, etc.
    • Define pricing and discounts: per night/per week, etc.
    • Show the property availability on a calendar.
    • Search for rentals based on availability dates
  • Payment options and percentages: You can define the rules on how you will be payed, the method of the transaction, the level of involvement as well as the booking percentage.
  • Policy Control: You can define and add policies for different properties. For example, cancellation policies, pet policies, and so on.
  • Confirm/cancel booking requests: Easily confirm or cancel booking requests through our platform.
  • Manage bookings/reservations: You can effortlessly manage all reservations through the backend.



The Calendar and Booking Add-ons are a great investment in your real estate business. With a small upfront cost, you can quickly see a big return on your investment by allowing your visitors to reserve rentals through your website. You will see an increase in web traffic, and more contacts with people in your community who might refer you down the road.


Lucky for you, getting the add-ons is easy. Simply call Realtyna and ask about Calendar and Booking options. Our trained staff will guide you through the process. Or, you can purchase directly through our shop page and wait for a representative to get in touch with you about installation.

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