15 Best AI Commands for Real Estate Professionals

15 Best AI commands for real estate professionals, for using ChatGPT or other AI tools

As a real estate professional, you know that staying on top of technology trends can give you a competitive edge. And artificial intelligence is shaping up to be one of the most useful and exciting tools out there.

So how can you leverage AI to boost your real estate business? This article will explore 15 of the best AI commands tailored specifically for real estate agents.

We’ll provide actionable tips on using ChatGPT, Google Bard or other leading AI assistants to help you close more deals, create better marketing content, automate admin tasks, and more.

You’ll come away with practical strategies to tap into AI’s potential, saving you time while delighting clients. So read on to unlock 15 AI superpowers that can elevate your real estate career today!

Introduction to AI for Real Estate Professionals

As AI tools like ChatGPT become more advanced, they open up exciting possibilities for real estate professionals to work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re an agent, broker, or team leader, AI can help automate repetitive tasks so you focus on high-impact activities.

Here’s a quick intro to how AI is transforming real estate:

  • Lead generation – Use AI writing assistants to quickly draft listings, landing pages, emails, and social posts. AI can also identify promising leads by analyzing consumer data.
  • Showing coordination – Automate scheduling, reminders, feedback collection, and other logistics around showings. AI scheduling tools learn your availability preferences.
  • Transaction management – Upload contracts, organize supporting documents, and track progress automatically with AI transaction platforms. Get alerts for critical dates/tasks.
  • Market analysis – Pull real-time, hyperlocal market statistics through AI market tools. Analyze trends and make data-backed pricing recommendations.
  • Administrative tasks – Let AI handle meeting scheduling, calendaring, data entry, and other repetitive admin work that eats up time.

The key is blending AI’s efficiency with your specialized expertise for next-level service. Approach new AI tools with an open mind, patience through any hiccups, and creativity. The real estate landscape will continue advancing rapidly. AI can help you not just keep up, but get ahead.

5 Best AI Commands for Lead Generation

As a real estate professional, generating leads is essential to building your business. AI tools like ChatGPT can help. Here are five AI commands that will supercharge your lead-generation efforts:

1. Write a personalized email for cold outreach

AI can craft customized emails to prospects that sound authentic and compelling. Try:

  • Write a professional yet friendly cold email to introduce myself to potential home buyers in my area, around 150 words.

2. Create Facebook ad copy

Well-written Facebook ads can attract more clicks and conversions. Ask the AI:

  • Draft 2-3 Facebook ad variations for my real estate services targeting first-time home buyers, include benefits and call-to-action, around 125 characters each.

3. Research contacts for targeted outreach

Expanding your outreach list takes work. Let AI assist with research:

  • Provide a list of 20 relevant contacts I can reach out to, including name, company, role, email, with a focus on real estate investors and developers in my city.

4. Optimize website content for SEO and conversions

SEO-friendly website copy can increase site traffic and leads. Try commands like:

  • Revise the homepage copy on my real estate website to improve SEO and increase lead capture, around 300 words.

5. Generate ideas for lead magnets

Lead magnets incentivize visitors to share contact info. For fresh ideas, ask:

  • Suggest 5 potential lead magnet offers I could create to attract buyers and sellers to subscribe to my email list.

Experiment with different AI commands for your lead gen needs. Add your unique spin and insight to stand out. The key is optimizing your outreach for more conversations and connections.

5 Best AI Commands for Listing Copywriting

When it comes to writing listing descriptions that capture attention and drive engagement, AI can be an invaluable asset for real estate professionals. Here are five of the best AI commands for optimizing your listing copywriting using ChatGPT or other natural language generation tools:

  • Describe this [address] home’s best features in an engaging, benefit-focused paragraph. This will generate a lively overview paragraph highlighting a property’s most appealing attributes. Focus on benefits over features to better connect with buyers.
  • Write three short, unique selling proposition statements for this [bedrooms] bedroom [city] home. Crafting targeted USP statements can help listings stand out. Ask for multiple options to find the best fit.
  • Suggest a catchy, benefit-focused headline and subtitle for this [property type] at [address]. An appealing headline and subtitle will capture interest and communicate top perks.
  • List 10 keywords and phrases buyers would likely search for a home like this one. Incorporating relevant keywords organically throughout listings can improve SEO and search visibility.
  • What interior images would you recommend for showing off this home’s best assets? Identifying key rooms and surfaces to highlight through photos can further emphasize a property’s top features.

Leverage the descriptive power and optimization smarts of AI to showcase listings in the best possible light. Generate multiple headlines, paragraphs, or real estate keywords, then edit and refine the best outputs to suit your needs. With practice, AI-assisted copywriting can help increase click-throughs and showings.

5 Best AI Commands for Market Analysis


  • Provide a detailed market analysis for the single family housing market in [CITY, STATE], including average sales price, months of inventory, absorption rate, trends over the past 2 years, and predictions for the next 2 years.
  • Compare the condo/townhome markets in [CITY 1] and [CITY 2], highlighting key statistics like median sales price, average days on market, list to sales price ratio, and appreciation rates over the past 5 years. Recommend which market looks more favorable for investment.
  • Give the top 5 most important economic factors that can impact demand for suburban office space in [REGION], such as job growth, interest rates, and infrastructure development. Elaborate on how each factor influences demand.
  • Analyze the retail rental market in [NEIGHBORHOOD] and provide the current average asking rents per square foot, vacancy rates, new construction, household income demographics, and retail sales growth within a 3 mile radius.
  • Provide a 1-page executive summary on current conditions and forecasts for the apartment market in [CITY, STATE]. Include information on occupancy rates, rent growth, new construction, demand drivers, and recommendations for investing or developing.


You now have 15 AI commands specially crafted to help streamline your real estate business and stand out from the competition. As AI continues advancing at lightning speed, staying ahead of the latest technology will ensure you provide unmatched value when serving clients.

Implement even a few of these AI tools for real estate agents into your workflow, and you’re sure to increase productivity while delivering next-level service. With the right technology, your possibilities are endless.

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