California Regional MLS (CRMLS)


California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) provides its multiple listing technology services to realtors in the United States, mainly, state of California. CRMLS was established in 1980 and is based in Pomona, California. California Regional Multiple Listing Service was formerly known as Multi-Regional Multiple Listing Service. Since 2010 it’s been operating as as a subsidiary of California MLS.

CRMLS services include CRMLS Mobile, that allows CRMLS members to search through MLS data from their phones. Its services also include Matrix, Listingbook, SmartFax, Smart trac, WyldFyre 7, Mercado, PinPoint, Realist Tax, Realist ValueMap, ListHub, IDX public Property Search, online training classes similar to online lectures, online training videos and manuals and many more. However, CRMLS is not limiting itself to online solutions only, but rather, it also provides live classroom training solutions as well.

Numbers say it all. California Regional Multiple Listing Service is dedicated to serving over 78,000 real estate professionals and it is available to both, agents and brokers alike.





California Regional Multiple Listing Service covers the following counties:

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Clara
  • Ventura

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How do I get started?

In order for you to get started, you will need to install MLS Add-on on your WPL plugin. This add-on will connect your own real estate website to the databases of your MLS Providers so that all the properties will end up on your website. You can request a free Demo before purchase.