Why should I integrate RETS instead of IDX?

With Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration, our RETS data migration model, your MLS display will flexible, powerful, and rich, and it will update several times a day to feed your website with the latest property updates.

You will have the ability to customize your feed. If you want to focus your business on one city, we will filter everything else out of your feed. If you need a separate landing page for each neighborhood, we can do that too. You also can show your own listings in a separate page or marke them as ‘Featured’ in your property search results page.

Your display will be fast. New properties will populate to your site as often as every 15 minutes.

The property listings shown on your site will reside on your site, meaning you will capture maximum SEO value and result higher on search engine pages.

IDX providers using framing can’t say the same thing.

In addition, for many MLS, we are able to provide the above advantages for a one-time fee.

Learn more about Organic MLS Integration using RETS here: https://realtyna.com/mls-idx-integration/

Watch this video for more information:

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