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What Is the Difference Between MLS API, Organic IDX, and Organic RETS Integration?

MLS API, Organic IDX, and Organic RETS Integration are three IDX options offered by Realtyna. They all provide the data connection necessary to link to a property database and display listings on your site, but each uses a slightly different technology.

Since the mid 1990’s, the Internet has taken a larger and larger role in the real estate industry. The majority of homebuyers now find their home online, according to NAR statistics. Young homebuyers use the Internet even more frequently.

This is thanks largely to IDX. What started as a single technology to display listings online has blossomed into a robust tech industry with multiple options to build the perfect real estate site.

At Realtyna, we offer three IDX technologies: MLS API, Organic IDX, and Organic RETS. Essentially they all perform the same task—connect to a property database and display listings on your site. But they all do it in slightly different ways, which allows you to select the best IDX technology for your business model and budget.


Realtyna coverageOrganic RETS Integration

Organic RETS Integration allows you to maintain your own copy of the MLS database on your webservers. This offers maximum data control and SEO. The technology works by connecting your site to the MLS database. It imports listings via RETS feed. Then, it runs updates at a regular interval to process new and modified listings.

Organic RETS Integration also allows you to choose the property types you import to your site. This can be useful for agents that specialize in only a few property types or who have a unique business model.

We also offer the Organic RETS Integration software under a one-time fee. This means if your MLS does not charge you for RETS access, your IDX connection will be a one-time payment.

Organic IDX

Not all agents want all the options provided by Organic RETS Integration. And some prefer a monthly payment plan rather than an up-front fee. For them, we offer Organic IDX.

Organic IDX works in many of the same ways as Organic RETS Integration. We still build a copy of the MLS database on your webservers. However, we use a streamlined technology for images to reduce your hosting burden.

Also, instead of a one-time fee for the software and data connection, we charge a low monthly rate.




MLS API is Realtyna’s newest software offering and it works via application programming interface (API). APIs greatly reduce the programming necessary to connect a website to a property database. Instead of rebuilding the property database on your site, you are able to call listings from the database as a user searches for them on your site. This can save you development time and hosting costs.

Now you know the difference between MLS API, Organic IDX, and Organic RETS Integration. For more on MLS API, check out 6 Ways MLS API Can Improve Your IDX Performance.

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