Networking in the Real Estate Industry – Tips and Examples

Networking is an essential part of the real estate business, and it remains one of the most important ways to generate leads and referrals. However, building powerful social capital takes time, energy, skills, and most importantly, experience.

In this webinar interview, our speaker will talk about the added value of networking and share some useful tips about building a successful network for your real estate business. Our speaker will also discuss the importance of technology in finding and maintaining your contacts and will share some successful examples.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Find out why networking is significant for the real estate industry
  • Learn about some useful tips to expand your network and grow your business
  • Understand the importance of technology in networking and how to choose the right tech tools



Marika Abuashvili

Former Coldwell Banker Bain Realtor

Marika has been a Coldwell Banker Bain Realtor for about 27 years in Seattle. For the past five years, she joined the real estate industry in Georgia. Currently, Marika is a Director of Education and Strategic Development for the local association of Realtors. She is helping local professionals to grow and make their business much more accessible and enjoyable while raising their professional level.



Ketevani Tatikiani

Strategic Planner at Realtyna

Ketevani is a strategic planner at Realtyna, providing useful videos and webinars for real estate professionals about growing their businesses.