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Displaying Real Estate MLS data on your website has never been this fun and easy! Combine the best of two worlds of Weebly and Realtyna® for creating stunning Real Estate websites with MLS listings. Realtyna® Weebly IDX element allows you to show unlimited number of daily updated listings, right from your Real Estate board.

Starts From$69/month

30% off on the base fee, valid for minimum one year! The offer is valid for a limited time only.

Supported MLS Board

  • Trend MLS
  • CLAW
  • CDAR
  • Carolina MLS
  • TREB

Coming Soon

  • CrisNet
  • RE Colorado
  • MRIS
  • And more ..
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It’s All About
Flexibility, Elegance and Ease of Use!


Realtyna® Weebly IDX element not only enables you to add MLS listings on the modern and flexible Weebly platform, but also it offers you lots of flexibility and freedom to configure any of the following options for any page you create using our element:

  • Flexible Search Parameters:
    Realtyna® Weebly IDX element not only displays MLS listings on your website, but it allows your potential clients to search the MLS listings right on your website. The coolest part is that you can select and configure the search parameters they way you want.
  • Layout Options:
    For any new page, just like A-list websites, you can choose between different popular layouts.
Listing / Search Results Layout: Choose between Grid View design, List View design or even Map View design.
– Property Details Page: Two different layouts to choose from
– Search Widget: Three different styles for the search box.
  • Listing Type:
    Are you focusing your efforts in one market such as Rentals or Sales? Are you interested to have different pages allocated for different listing types? If yes, you have the freedom to choose one listing type (or all listing types) on any given page or on your whole website.
  • Property Type:
    If you want to build different pages, each for focusing on a specific property type, you can easily setup the Realtyna® Weebly IDX element to do that for you.
  • Location:
    Real Estate business is about the location and realtors usually prefer to focus on certain region rather than the whole MLS coverage. So our element allows you to choose the exact location you’d like to display listings from, for any given page or the whole website. With this feature, you can create different pages for some different neighborhoods or cities/towns.
  • Colors:
    You can easily match the element color style with the theme of your choice and your branding.

What’s the difference between Realtyna® Weebly IDX and Realtyna® Organic MLS Integration?

Organic MLS Integration requires downloading the RAW data from your MLS Board directly to your server resulting in lots of long-term SEO benefits. However it needs a some initial investment, some patience and regular maintenance.

Realtyna® Weebly IDX solution on the other hand, delivers the MLS listings to your website through iFrame solution. With the flexibility of both Weebly and Realtyna® element, it is very easy to create a website in a night! There is no maintenance requirements…So you can focus on your core business.

MLS Integration Realtyna® MLS IDX on Weebly Organic MLS Integration
Server Requirement - VPS or Dedicated Server
Maintenance - Regular Maintenance Required
SEO Benefits Main website Main website and individual property pages
ETA 1 Day Minimum 6-8 Weeks
Initial Investment $0 Starts from $1149
Monthly Service Cost Starts from $69/month Server Cost
Monthly Data Cost (Depending on the MLS Board) $0-$50/month $0-$100/month