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Video Add-on

Videos are a great marketing tool! Websites use videos to captivate online consumers. In a Real Estate website, having at least one video for each property is very useful.

The Video Add-on is one of the RPL core free add-ons that provides 2 methods for deploying videos on your Real Estate website:

  • Local Video: It allows you to upload the video directly to your own server and stream it from there.
  • Embed Code: It allows you to display videos that are hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, Vzaar or any other video sharing websites. For this purpose you need to upload your video on one of these websites first, and then paste the embed code for that property, through the PropertyWizard tool.

The Video Add-on has another great tool as well. With this add-on you can upload your videos directly to your Youtube or Vzaar accounts and then use the embed code in your PropertyWizard. This feature is called the Video Sharing Service.