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RPL Weather Information History Module for Real Estate / Vacation Rental Websites

Weather information is an important consideration for people when they are choosing their vacation destination. So for vacation rental websites, it is very essential to have the Weather Information Module installed on their website, providing all the necessary data to their clients.

The RPL Weather Forecast Module displays the temperature of chosen days/month for vacation rentals on the Property Listing and Property Details pages.

Property Listing Page: The Property Listing page is compatible with search module. This means users can choose a date and location from the search module and see the average temperature of those months in the result page.

If the user does not choose any date period, they will see the current weather and a 15 day forecast.

Property Show Page: Users can see the current weather data with a 15 day forecast.

This module is receiving data from a 3rd Party API, which is a paid service. First you need to subscribe with the xxxxxxx and after receiving the API Key you can activate this module on your website.

For more information about the prices and packages of this service, please visit the following website:


It has free weather API and premium weather API.