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RPL Implementation

The RPL Installation is easy. The diagram below illustrates the best approach for setting up your website based on RPL. Please note that this is a high-level process flow. For a full description and details of any of the steps below, please refer to the RPL User Manual.

  • Joomla & Template Installation: After choosing a Compatible Host, like any Joomla website, the first step is to install Joomla and a matching Joomla template on your web hosting. For the template you can choose from the Realtyna® free & commercial templates (100% compatible with RPL). Also you can use any Joomla standard template from third party providers. Please notethat in such cases some CSS and JQuery tweaks may be necessary which has to be done on your side or through the webmastering service by Realtyna®.
  • RPL Package Installation: When you install the RPL package, all the required modules and plugins will be installed and activated automatically, saving you valuable time for the properly configuring of the RPL data structure, the way you want.
  • RPL Configuration: After installing the RPL core you need to configure RPL for the first time use. This includes default settings like default measurement unit, country, currency, etc. This type of data is necessary for proper configuration of your system in the beginning.
  • RPL Menu in Joomla: You should manually create the menus related to RPL through the Joomla Menu Manager.
  • Configuring the Data Structure: The data structure of the RPL needs to be setup depending on the market your Real Estate website. This includes:
  • Listing Types:for rent, for sale, vacation rental, etc
    • Property Types: studio, apartment, town house, office, etc
    • Editing Room Types
    • Altering Rank Manager Scores (if necessary)
    • Configuring the Property Wizard through the Flex Add-on (only available through Realtor package)
  • Managing Users & Groups: Planning and creating the required groups and their access control settings is one of the important steps in implementing RPL. Some of the possible groups can be estate agents, direct agents, advisors, etc.. The users and their groups can be displayed in the agent listing page.
  • Add / Edit Properties: Now after configuring all the sections in RPL according to your requirements, you can start adding/editing properties in RPL. You should login from the frontend of your website and click on ‘Property Wizard’ menu.