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QR Code Module

This add-on is available free of charge within the RPL advanced package.

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code and was created by the Japanese Corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. It is a two dimensional bar code/matrix code.

QR Codes make it even easier for consumers to connect the real world to the virtual world. Today, consumers expect answers immediately, so the benefits of using QR codes are crucial and they can be found on all kinds of advertisements, products and even restaurant menus. The QR codes are connected to a URL and when scanned with a smartphone, all the information will be stored and can be read later. There is no need to take notes anymore!

This is particularly useful for the real estate industry. By printing a QR code on your property flyers or advertisements, potential customers can easily scan the code and retrieve the information about the property on their smartphones. A QR Reader App installed on their smartphone is needed for this feature.

Realtyna® has developed a new module for the RPL Core. It generates unique QR codes for each property and displays them on the Property Show and PDF flyer of the property.

Please download a QR Reader App with your smartphone and then scan the above code and find out what surprise we have there for you! 🙂