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Multiple Search Options

Note:The RPL’s search module is different in the Simple and Advanced packages. Some of the main features are only available in the Advanced package.

Search Module in the Advanced Package:
RPL’s Search Module is one of the features that takes direct advantage of the state-of-the-art structure of RPL. It is the most complete, advanced, and flexible search module on the market today. You can achieve a lot without a single line of programming. This makes RPL a perfect choice. rpl_dynamic_search

The new search module is completely flexible:

  • All the search parameters can be turned on or off through the modules Administrative Panel (Backend). For example if you do not want to search for the number of bathrooms you can turn it off and this parameter will disappear from the search box.
  • When we add new data parameters to the system through the Flex add-on, it will be added automatically to the search module (without a single line of programming). Then it is the admin’s decision to display the new parameter in the search box in the frontend or not.
  • The search results will be shown based on Ajax technology, meaning that users do not need to press the search button. Any change in the search criteria will immediately update the search results within the same page.
  • The module can be different in the home page and the internal pages, allowing for more refined details of the search results in the internal pages.

Search Module in the Simple Package:

The Simple package is the standard core of RPL and it is open-source for programmers who need to alter the code. Programmers are able to customize and create their search module, producing their desired search box. As a result, some of the features of the search module in the Advanced package are NOT available in the search module for the Simple package.


  • There are about 15 main data parameters in this search module including: property type, listing type, price, location fields, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • The admin can turn these parameters on/off from the module’s backend. When you turn off a parameter it will disappear from the search box on the public website (Front end).
  • The search results are NOT Ajax-based.

Please note that adding new fields to the Property Wizard will NOT automatically be reflected in the search module and it needs to be done through programming. The source code for the developer package is open, so developers can easily achieve their desired search box.

Map & Radius Search Add-on:

For the description of this option please click here.