The NEGOTIATOR™, a distinctive role in the Paris Paradigm™, plays a crucial part in real estate transactions, specifically in the negotiation and finalization stages. Key characteristics of the NEGOTIATOR™ include:


1.Primary Function: The core responsibility of the NEGOTIATOR™ is to represent the buyer’s interests in negotiating property deals. This includes working towards the best terms, price, contingencies, and addressing any issues that arise during the purchase process. Their focus is on obtaining optimal outcomes for the buyer in terms of value and conditions.


2. Area of Operation: Typically, the NEGOTIATOR™ operates in the area where the property of interest is located. They may become involved in the transaction after a NAVIGATOR™ has shown properties, with a duration and scope of involvement varying based on the agreement with the buyer.


3. Compensation Structure: The compensation for a NEGOTIATOR™ is unique, utilizing the Inverse Commission™ model. This innovative approach inversely aligns their earnings with the purchase price – the lower the price secured for the buyer, the higher the compensation for the NEGOTIATOR™. This system aligns the NEGOTIATOR™’s financial interests with those of the buyer, promoting earnest representation.


4. Client Engagement: The NEGOTIATOR™ is often chosen by the buyer due to their expertise in negotiation and potentially after initial interactions as a NAVIGATOR™. They are tasked with safeguarding the buyer’s interests throughout the critical stages of negotiation and closing the transaction.


The NEGOTIATOR™ role in the Paris Paradigm™ revolutionizes the traditional real estate transaction process by ensuring that the representative’s incentives are directly aligned with achieving the best possible outcome for the buyer.

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