Paris Paradigm™

Paris Paradigm™

The Paris Paradigm™ introduces a revolutionary approach in real estate transactions, particularly focusing on the dynamics between buyers, sellers, and their representatives. It's a system that addresses the traditional conflicts of interest in the real estate market, aiming to align the financial interests of all parties involved more effectively.

Central to the Paris Paradigm™ are two new roles: the NAVIGATOR™ and the NEGOTIATOR™. The NAVIGATOR™ assists buyers in finding properties, offering advice on various listings and locations. They operate under an exclusive contract within a defined area and are compensated not through direct monetary means but via advertising and promotional opportunities. This role is about building a relationship with the buyer and aiding in the initial stages of property selection.

The NEGOTIATOR™, on the other hand, comes into play later in the process. This role involves negotiating on behalf of the buyer for the best terms and price. Unlike traditional models where compensation might be linked to the sale price, the NEGOTIATOR™ is paid through a unique Inverse Commission™ system. This system inversely aligns the NEGOTIATOR™'s compensation with the property price; the lower the purchase price, the higher the NEGOTIATOR™'s commission, thereby aligning their interests with those of the buyer.

This paradigm shift is a response to traditional real estate models, where conflicting interests often lead to inefficiencies and ethical dilemmas. By structuring compensation and roles in this manner, the Paris Paradigm™ aims to create a more balanced and fair transaction process. It encourages transparency and aligns the incentives of agents with the needs and goals of the buyers, ensuring that buyers are represented in the best possible way.

The Paris Paradigm™ not only introduces a new compensation model but also integrates seamlessly with current Multiple Listing Service (MLS) dynamics, offering a solution that is adaptable and relevant in various real estate markets.

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