Compensation on the Gap™

Compensation on the Gap™

Compensation on the Gap™ is the special method used by Realtyna in an innovative compensation algorithm for buyer's agent. (NEGOTIATOR™)

"Compensation on the Gap™," as mentioned in the Paris Paradigm™ context, is a distinctive real estate commission model that incentivizes agents based on their success in negotiating a lower purchase price. In this approach, an agent’s earnings are directly correlated with the difference, or "gap," between the property’s listing price and its final sale price. The larger the gap they achieve — meaning the more they reduce the property price from its listed value — the higher their compensation.

This model is designed to align the agent's financial incentives with the buyer’s interest in securing the property at the lowest possible price. Unlike traditional commission structures where agent earnings are tied to the sale price, potentially leading to a conflict of interest, Compensation on the Gap™ encourages agents to negotiate vigorously on behalf of the buyer. This system ensures that agents are rewarded for their effectiveness in reducing the sale price, promoting a more buyer-centric approach in real estate transactions.

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