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Complete Location Database

Real Estate is all about “The Location”, therefore one of the important features of any Property Listing application is having a complete location database such as cities, ZIP codes, states and countries.

The location structure of each country is different. For example, in the United States the location structure is: City, County, State, ZIP Code. The Country and ZIP code are both tied to the state name. In France the structure is ZIP Code, City, Department, Province and Country. The ZIP code is tied to the city name.

The city and state names differ from language to language. For example, the list of locations in Greece is being written with a different alphabet in Greek and English languages. So for a Greek property listing website, they need the list of locations in both Greek and English languages.

The location system of RPL has been designed and developed with this vision in mind:

  • It contains the complete list of cities, ZIP/Postal Codes, States and Countries. The option to add new records manually as well.
  • It supports a flexible structure that allows handling the different location systems of different countries.
  • It supports the location names both in English and the local language of that country.Below is a list of our current Country Location Database. If you cannot find your country in the list, please contact us. We regularly add additional countries to this list per client request.

As of RPl 7.9, there have been several additional cutting-edge technology added to the system which is listed below:

  • Easily manage location names in different languages.
  • The option to have different settings for different countries for international websites.
  • Separate settings for properties and people which means that an international website can have properties in 2 countries and agents in 5.
  • Support for up to 7 levels of location such as country, state, county, city, district, zone, etc.
  • Location text instead of select box when adding properties.
  • Loading location levels based on zip or postal code. An agent can add the location for a property by just providing the zip or postal code.
  • Direct translation of location level data into installed languages of Joomla. This alleviates the necessity to add keywords and translations.