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Bing Bird Eye View Module for RPL

Bird’s Eye View is a high-resolution aerial image of a location viewed at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. This means that instead of seeing a location from a flat overhead view, Bird’s Eye View is seen at an angle, offering 3D-like quality.
The Bing Map is one of the RPL core free Modules that is based on the Bird’s Eye View. Bird’s Eye View offers outstanding image quality since it is captured by high-resolution technology. Homes and neighborhoods can be seen much more clearly. Also, since Bird’s Eye View enables you to see a home at an angle, you can get a better sense of how the house is situated on the lot. These images are typically much more detailed than the aerial views taken from directly above. Signs, advertisements, pedestrians, and other objects are clearly visible in many Bird’s Eye views.

Bird’s Eye View is available in selected locations across the globe, including major cities in the United States, Canada, Japan and in over 80 European locations. Bird’s Eye View images for a location may be viewed from all four cardinal directions.