API Plugin

  • Customize functionality
  • Build your own apps
  • Reach new customers

Realtyna’s API Plugin allows you to interface with the WPL
platform for your own development.

Realtyna APIs are HTTP-based using the RESTful technology.
Request and response bodies are formatted in JSON.

Real Estate API
RegistrationCreates user accounts in the app
LoginRegistered users login to establish their identity with the app
Listing TypesUses REST API call to retrieve all active listing types
Load Property DataRetrieves property information for all listings
Load Filter DataRetrieves filter information such as: listing type, property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, neighborhood, etc.

API Calls

Query the WPL platform and enact changes using the following calls:

  • Add and remove favorites
  • Load favorites
  • Save search
  • Reset password via SMS
  • Show listing details

and more…