CyberRE – A Discussion on Cybersecurity in the Real Estate Industry in 2022

As the number of online activities in the real estate industry increases day by day, cyber security is becoming a more important aspect of real estate businesses. Coping with various threats generated in the cyber world remains challenging for some agents. That is why we continue raising awareness about this through webinars on cyber security.

Realtyna, together with the Stellar MLS and the Cyber Readiness Institute, hosted a panel webinar for real estate professionals discussing four main topics: authentication, patching, phishing, and USB removable media. The webinar demonstrates how professionals can be cyber aware and shows ways to stay safe during various online activities.

Through this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Upcoming tendencies and challenges of cyber security in 2022
  • Human behavior aspects leading to the cyber security of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Technics of protection from cyber threats
  • Keeping companies secure in a widely changing online environment




Tait Militanna

Communications Director, Realtyna

Tait Militana is a Communications Director at Realtyna, home to Organic IDX and online real estate solutions for agents and brokers. Follow the Realtyna Blog for more technology and marketing tips.

Invited Speakers


Lessie Longstreet

Global Director of Outreach and Partner Engagement, Cyber Readiness Institute

Lessie is a Global Director of Outreach and Partner Engagement. She brings experience in working with new and emerging technology and cybersecurity companies from her previous role with an early stage venture capital firm.


Mathew Kallumadil

VP, Technology & Innovation​, Stellar MLS

Mathew started his career in technology leading digital transformations at IBM UK. He then joined one of the largest Canadian RE associations to turn their IT team into a Technology & Innovation department. He is currently leading technology strategy at Stellar MLS.