Realtyna TV APP

Realtyna TV APP

  • Send Your Listings to Smart TVs
  • Maximize Listing Exposure
  • Automatic Slide Presentation of Listings

Why You Need Realtyna TV APP

With technology evolving, having different platforms for your listings to be displayed is key. Now, you can send your MLS listings and website to the big screen with the TV Add-on App.


What Is Realtyna TV APP?

The TV add-on App sends your MLS listings from your WPL website to your TV by using Smart TV systems like Apple TV. Perhaps you want your website’s listings to be displayed in the lobby of your office, or at an event like an open house. This tool was created to empower real estate websites and professionals in the real estate industry.


With the Realtyna TV APP, you can:

  • Maximize exposure of your MLS listings
  • Showcase all your listings and data with high quality images
  • Navigate the interface easily
  • Choose how the listings will be displayed and cycle
  • Connect to supported device of your choice
  • Generate slide presentation automatically

Deliver an exceptional, big screen experience to your potential clients and download the TV Add-on

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