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RPL Web Application (Core)

Lifetime license

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Plain Package

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Hybrid Package

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  • Dynamic Search Module Add-on

  • QR Code Add-on

  • Locality Packages include Zip Code , City and States

  • Ajax-based Search and Refinement

  • Flex Add-on

  • Rank Add-on

  • PDF Flyer Add-on

  • Energy Consumption Graph

  • Carousel Extra Design Set

  • Map & Radius Search Add-on

  • Android App


    A professional Real Estate app, custom branded and totally integrated to your WPL-based website. Take your brand to the most visited shops in the world: Google Play!

  • iOS App


    A professional Real Estate app, custom branded and totally integrated to your WPL-based website. Take your brand to the most visited shops in the world: App Store!

  • Facebook App


    As a Real Estate professional, being able to show the list of your properties on your Facebook page is cool. Isn’t it?

  • BLM Importer add-on


    Rightmove.co.uk is one of the most popular property portals in the UK

  • CSV add-on


    Import/Export for RPL Real Estate Application

  • SMS Add-on


    Take Your Website to the Next Level by Sending SMS Notifications in addition to Email Notifications.

  • Weather Info Module


    The RPL Weather Forecast Module displays the temperature of chosen days/month for vacation rentals on the Property Listing and Property Details pages.

  • Demographic Package


    A Demographic Information add-on allows your website to turn into an informative website for your clients.

  • Customized Brand iPhone/Android App Renewal Package


    If your Customized Brand iPhone/Android App was purchased more than 1 year ago, you need to purchase this package to receive updates.

  • Clustering Large Scale Search


    Large Scale Search Package is suitable for portals with thousands of properties.

  • MLS/RETS/IDX Synchronization Addon + Customization Package


    Automatically Synchronizes and feeds the properties of a specific MLS Provider to your website. RETS/IDX. Applicable for supported MLS providers . Please check the list of supported MLS providers if your MLS provider has been listed.

  • Community Builder/Jomsocial Integration


    Adds a new tab to the community builder profile of each agent, listing the properties added through RPL.

  • Complex Add-on


    Ideal for construction developers. Add building complexes and projects to the system and assign properties to them. Each complex will have its own details page along with the list of properties located in that complex.

  • Review and Rating Add-on


    Full-featured review and rating tool with access control, review moderation, etc. Very useful for vacation rental websites.

  • Booking & Availability Calendar Add-on


    RPL core as the property listing engine, enables the ability to list properties on websites. Customers can view the properties and can contact the owner/agent of the property through the contact information given for each property. This alone can answer the needs of most of the residential/commercial property listing websites.

  • Availability Calendar Add-on


    The Availability Calendar is useful for showing the availability of vacation or short-term rentals.

  • CRM Add-on Unlimited Agents


    The Purpose of Realtyna CRM is to increase the conversion ratio of the website visitors to the leads/prospects, eventually recruiting future customers/clients. This goal can be achieved by facilitating the whole process of deal making which includes: 1. Lead capturing through different website forms 2. Gathering the right information from the leads 3. Increasing the conversion ratio of 'Lead' to 'Customer/Client' (the chance of closing deals)

  • CRM Add-on 5 Agents


    Availability Calendar is useful for showing the availability of Vacation or Short Term Rentals.

  • Membership & Payment Gateway Add-on


    The Membership & Payment Gateway add-on enables your website to sell memberships and subscriptions to third party agents, brokers or even property owners, for publishing properties on the website.

  • Multi-Level Users Plugin


    This plugin needs Membership Add-on to be installed first. With this plugin you can define su-users (agents) under Broker accounts. Broker accounts are able to manage their own agents and their properties.