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RPL Demo Page

We have created a Sandbox demo for you to become familiar with RPL and its add-ons . Please consider that only some of RPL functions are available in Sandbox, every 2 hours the sandbox will be reset and all information will be erased.

  • This sandbox has RPL’s features and its Add-ons . You can check the menus for details of each package.
  • Because this is Sandbox, and we released public access to control the configuration, all of the configuration may not work as expected.
  • All of front-page designs are customizable; you may contact us for details.

Please use it according to the manual and do not change the configurations so that other users can see the functions properly. Thanks for your corportation.

If you see any misconfiguration(s) caused by other users, we will appreciate if you report it to us.

For Access to the RPL Demo page:



Username: demo

Password: demo



Username: demo

Password: demo

If you would like to see some more of our clients’ RPL based portals please visit:

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