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Membership & Payment Gateway
for RPL – Joomla

The Membership & Payment Gateway add-on enables your website to sell memberships and subscriptions to third party agents, brokers or even property owners, for publishing properties on the website. The membership system is very flexible and it enables you to:

  • Define membership packages based on different access-levels to different parts of the system.
  • Set different criteria/limitations for each membership package. For example, limiting the number of properties each member can add, number of hot offer/featured properties, number of images, property categories, location limitations, etc.
  • Sell paid/free subscriptions (memberships) to third party agents or even property owners, For Sale by Owner(FSBO). The supported payment gateways are Paypal, Authorize.net, 2Checkout, Epay.eu and Pesapal. It is possible to add more payment gateways through customization projects.
  • Allow members to upgrade and renew their membership.

  • Payment Options
    • Payment Gateway Settings:
      1. Paypal 2. Authorize.net 3. 2CO
    • Recurring Payments:
      1. Authorize.net
  • Creating User Groups
    • Used for tagging the membership and users
    • Used for searching members based on their group: Realtor, Agents, Broker, Owner, etc
  • Subscription Form
    • Adding/Editing form field by an easy-to-use form creator
    • Making fields mandatory or optional
  • Creating Membership Packages
    • Setting the User Group and Access-Level of each package
    • Setting the criteria/Limitations of each package such as the # properties, featured properties, location, categories, number of images, etc.
    • Setting Renewal and Upgrade option of each package
  • Email Notifications
    • Managing the messages related to the membership Add-on which will be sent through the Email Notification System
  • Member Management
    • Accessing the contact details and status of each member
    • Providing special offers to specific members
    • Checking the Payment History of members
    • Redefining members access rights

For a detailed list of options/criteria that you can set for each membership package, please refer to the manual. (PDF FILE)

The Subscription process for members is very easy and straight-forward.

Membership Subscription Process

  1. Selecting the Membership Package
  2. Subscription
  3. Payment
  4. Adding Properties