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Large Scale Real Estate Portal Search Package

If your website is populated with thousands of properties from different MLS providers, or XML feed, you definitely need to have Large Scale Clustering Map on your website. This search module groups properties based on their location and shows clusters of properties on the map. Clicking on each of these clusters zoom and pans the map, and breaks the clusters to smaller clusters, until a level where you can see individual properties on the map.

Large Scale Clustering Map comes will the following features:

This feature is developed for Google Map search.
Able to show clusters of thousands of properties on the map.
Clicking on the map will zoom the map and breaks the clusters into smaller clusters (groups) of properties.
All the calculations are done on real-time basis.
Zooming and panning the map will update the list of properties. This means that only properties that are on the visible areas of the map will be listed.
Auto-suggest (auto-complete) for location text search.
Like other RPL search modules, the search parameters are dynamic and configurable from the admin section of the website.
Ability to draw on the map.

You can see a working sample of this module on our demo website. View Demo