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RPL More Add-ons
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Other RPL Add-ons

  • Availability Calendar
  • CSV Exporter Add-on
  • Weather Info

Realtyna’s® RPL Hybrid is a feature-rich Joomla extension that you can use to  create a powerful stand-alone real estate website.  You can also extend the rich functionalities of RPL at any time through some of its useful add-ons. These add-ons are useful for different business models/scenarios.

These features are not a part of the RPL core, for the following reasons:

  • The core code of RPL would become too large for some clients.
  • The additional codes require additional support,updates,and/maintenance which results in an increased cost of the product. Need these features, they should not need to pay an increased cost.
  • The extra features can make the system a lot more complex for those who do not need them.

Some of RPL Add-ons are accessible through the RPL Add-on menu.  Please find below a list of some smaller add-ons with a short description for each one:

Availability Calendar

This add-on can be used for exporting the properties and agents database in CSV format etc.

CSV Exporter Add-on

This add-on is useful for vacation/holiday rental websites, showing the historic data of the weather for the holiday destination on the property details page. This add-on is connected via API to WordWeatherOnline.com

Weather Info

This add-on is useful for optimizing your
website speed for loading images.

Note: For a complete list of add-ons, please visit our RPL Shop Page