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RPL Property Rank System

Note: This add-on is part of the Advanced Package.

Realtyna® has designed and developed a unique ranking system which is a sophisticated feature in Realtyna® Property Listing (RPL). Property rank is a privilege of one property over another property where a property can gain or lose rank over time. This privilege is represented by stars (*) from 0 to 10 stars. The system calculates the number of stars based on a rank calculation formula that can be set and managed by the system administrator.

Property rank plays an important role in the “Listing Order” of the searched properties. For example, when a client searches for a “2 bedroom apartment in Paris” and there are 50 matching properties in the database for that search, the listing order will be displayed based on the property rank. The higher the property rank, the higher it will be displayed in the search results.

Each star is equal to 1,000 points out of 10,000. If the rank of a property is 4,250 points, it means that the property rank is 4.

There are some important parameters affecting the points and the rank that a property can gain. For example, the completeness of information of a property or the daily visits of that property page, etc. For more information on the rank formula please refer to RPL Backend User Manual..

Another important use of the property rank is in the membership add-on. When you define different membership packages in the system you can assign the start rank of properties based on their membership type. By default, this number is 0. For example, you can set 3000 (equal to 3 stars) for normal members and 5,000 (equal to 5 stars) for premium members. This feature can be used as a marketing tool for your services promoting members to pay more to achieve a higher rank.